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"While there are not many Curling games on the app market, Curlington HD is a definite download. I may not know much about the sport, but the game is tons of fun. Fun features such as TNT stones and other add ons make this game a must." APProved by Famigo!

"Curling, once a sport of, well, not kings, but folks in cold climates, is now available for everyone, even you folks in hot climates (were jealous, we are). With Game Center support and locally stored achievements to be uploaded when online again, this ones bound to please." 148 APPS

"An arcade game that takes the stone-sliding sport known as curling to a whole new level." APP ADVICE

"The game is really well polished: good graphics, controls and environments. After you play the gameyoull want to try the real deal on ice."

"The gameplay is great - some people call curling chess on ice - simple enough to get started but absorbing enough to keep you coming back for more." iTREVIEWS

"As long as you have an iPad or iPhone this game will be there for you!"
Rating: 9 out of 10 by MACNEWS 2YOU

"They have managed to do the unthinkable: they actually made curling cool."
SMOKIN APPS Reviewed: 4/5 stars

"Who knew that curling could be so much fun!"

Join the Top Secret Curling Academy! Play in the hidden mountain facility and master the game of Top Secret Curling! Use gadgets, Special stones and the interior to your advantage! Standard curling rules with a completely new gameplay! Optionally you can also relax with a game of normal curling...

Extremely fine tuned and super smooth controls...
Detailed HD Graphics with a steady 30 frames per second
You get a sense of the curling stone weight!
GameCenter support - Leaderboards (4) and Achievements (12)
Achievements are stored locally when offline and uploaded next time online
Full length curling sheet on the runway
Option to turn off the "arcade" gameplay for normal curling
Levels are now streamed for faster loading
Multitouch for extra power is now just as precise as using single touch
New and updated instructions and rules / game information
Smarter AI (iPad player) with easy or medium settings
Choose number of rounds to play showing approx. durations based on player count and stones per round. Perfect game-speed / duration control
Options for graphics and physics settings (lock physics objects)
Game Pause
Realtime statistics while in-game for various data
Swiping on takeouts (two fingers for opponent stone, and still swipe with one for getting own stone closer to target)
Slow down the Stone by swiping downwards pushing ice debris in front of it
Special Agent Light Sensitive Binoculars on runway rink
Position stone sideways, slide to add force and direction
Sweeping affects the friction for longer glides and less curl
Faster sweeping gives more effect and lighter sweeping for more finesse
After stone is released, sliding sideways adds rotation to stone and increases curl when stone speed slows down
Earn and collect bonus point and use them in the equipment store
Shoot bonus targets
Stones are breakable
Use two or three fingers for more power
Bonus-game inside cargo aircraft
Anti-gravity stone
Explosive stone
A lovely stone
Castle Guard stone
1-4 Players
AI Player
Training mode


DOES NOT contain In app advertisements served from 3rd party ad networks
DOES NOT integrate with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
DOES NOT track a users location from the app
DOES NOT include hyperlinks to the internet that open a mobile web browser
DOES NOT contain In App Purchase functionality, allowing users to purchase content through buy or unlock features within the app

CzarCastic's comments:

Surprised this one made it this far without a thread. It was supposedly released a few days ago, and I actually saw it in the AppStore earlier this week, but then when I went back later it was gone, and nothing was ever posted at AppShopper. Last night, it popped back up with a price drop. Not sure why it disappeared for a couple of days, but stuff like that seems to be happening a lot lately.

I bought it on a whim last night when I saw that the price was reduced. Impressions coming soon. It's going to take me a few minutes to type something up.
05-21-2012, 04:25 AM
Very interesting looking. I'll put it on my backup list for new games, so I won't forget.
09-19-2012, 04:05 PM
Curlington HD is now FREE for a limited time to celebrate the release of Pin Tiki Ball for iPad/iPhone!
10-21-2012, 07:18 PM
Pricedrop! $1.99 to FREE for a limited time to Celebrate "Pin Tiki Ball" being Featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy on the Mac App Store in United States + Worldwide!

Curlington HD:

Pin Tiki Ball for iPhone/iPad:

Pin Tiki Ball for Mac:
05-05-2013, 01:48 PM
Price drop!

xx PRICE DROP xx SAVE $1.99 for a limited time !!

Famigo Approved!
148Apps "This ones bound to please"
AppAdvice "An arcade game that takes the stone-sliding sport known as curling to a whole new level."
SmokinApps "They have managed to do the unthinkable: they actually made curling cool."
Padgadget "Who knew that curling could be so much fun!"
11-23-2013, 06:10 PM
Major Update is Coming Soon!

Hello! Were thrilled to announce that a major update of Curlington is just around the curl! Buy it now for just $2.99 and update for free!

New main features: spy plane training, many different gadget curling tracks (combines billiards, mini-golf and bowling types of play), much improved 3D objects and graphics, detailed military ranking system, free guard zone and many general improvements and optimized gameplay.

Thanks for checking it out!

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