App description: You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps and grow plants. Tailor clothes and hunt animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle to protect them from predators. Blast your way through the rock with explosives. Build complex electric devices. Possibilities are infinite in this long-running sandbox survival and construction game series.

This is the twenty eighth release of Survivalcraft, and it adds plenty of new clothing, including long johns, socks, fedoras and sandals. Easy to craft campfires will help you stay warm and keep predators away during the night. Docile moose roam the land. All game code has been ported to a completely new engine and there is a proper physics-based water transparency with murky depths better hiding their secrets. You now have 6 inventory slots, and creative inventory has been completely overhauled, giving you instant access to over 300 items of clothing. Chests will automatically collect items thrown at them, and you can summon explosive lightning in creative mode!

Survivalcraft brings features you love in the PC version of the most popular blocky world game to your mobile device: infinite worlds, caves, logic elements (electricity), weather, boats, ridable animals, explosions, clothes, armor and many more. It does so while maintaining its own realistic, survival-themed style.


Update history so far:
- 1.0 (initial release, 16 Nov 2011)
- 1.1 (screenshots, torches, lamps, tools, controls sensitivity, recipaedia)
- 1.2 (sneaking, stairs, slabs, doors, ladders, snow, ice, christmas tree)
- 1.3 (basalt, limestone, marble, furnace)
- 1.4 (new world format, clay, bricks)
- 1.5 (birds, weapons, throwing, food, eating)
- 1.6 (emergency bugfix release)
- 1.7 (trapdoors, water animations, snowballs, traps, wildboars, game modes)
- 1.8 (buckets, water physics, magma, world properties, view angles)
- 1.9 (Dropbox, fences, upside-down stairs and slabs)
- 1.10 (optimizations, bulls, signs, sulphur, saltpeter, adventure mode)
- 1.11 (explosives, fire, matches, magma as fluid)
- 1.12 (wolves, cows, milk, diamonds, flat terrain, controls improvements)
- 1.13 (creature spawners, eggs, saplings, compass, thermometer, grass spreading)
- 1.14 (emergency bugfix release, hygrometer, sharper text)
- 1.15 (big performance improvements, bears, machetes, adventure restart, cacti)
- 1.16 (smoother framerate, polar bears, paint, falling blocks, environment modes)
- 1.17 (3rd person view, 3d tools, creature shadows, physics optimizations)
- 1.18 (rain, snow, thunderstorms, thawing/freezing, werewolves, pumpkins)
- 1.19 (electricity, new UI, new recipaedia, new help, germanium + lots more)
- 1.20 (community content, better caves, creative options, SD card)
- 1.21 (fish, horseriding, electricity improvements, camels, leather + lots more)
- 1.22 (survival, farming, boats, islands, more painting, pathfinding, rhinos and many other animals)
- 1.23 (content rating, larger visibility range, analog electrics, halloween special, donkeys, bass)
- 1.24 (bows and arrows, shooting target, reindeer, tigers, iron fences, ivy, feathers, string)
- 1.25 (custom skins, new explosions engine, bombs, crossbows, fire arrows, new UI, stone fences)
- 1.26 (clothes, armor, temperature effects, belugas, cassowarys, pumpkin and cotton farming)
- 1.27 (moose, campfires, larger inventory, lightning button, more clothes, carpets, new engine

mestre's comments:
04-03-2015, 04:45 PM
New update for iOS submitted :

whats new:


I havent been posting for a while, and for a good reason. I grew seriously tired of XNA/MonoGame, so I have been hard at work to port Survivalcraft to my own cross-platform engine.
I hate fancy names, so its name is just it: Engine.
This was an epic amount of work, and I am amazed that I completed it so quickly :-) I had to both write a graphics/audio/input/media/content/math engine that runs on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS etc. from scratch (that bit was completed back in January), and then port the mass of code that is Survivalcraft to it. Then make sure that I havent broken it all.
The new engine opens up new possibilities, not least support for custom shaders, proper audio and content pipeline. I am now also firmly in control of how everything works, all the way from the top to the bottom.

I will let you know more details soon. Yes, I am not dead and Survivalcraft is alive. It is in better shape than ever before.
The port to new engine has been completed for some time now, and I am busy adding features to 1.27.Theres quite a list of new things, but I really need to go to bed before the sunrise, so for now Ill only show you this one:

A campfire. Easily crafted and keeps predators away, at least up to a point. Also handy for drying clothes and getting warm in cold climates. Needs a lot of fuel to keep going. Beware of rain, and dont throw snowballs or gunpowder into it :-)
Clothes system in 1.26 is very powerful, but I did not have much time before Christmas to fully exploit it. So in 1.27 I am doing just that and adding more clothes:
Long johns



Cavalry boots

These are mostly designed to help player stay warm. You can wear long johns under pants, sweater over shirts, socks inside boots.
And cavalry boots make your horse run faster :-)
Heres a short video for you, showing how good the pathfinding is in 1.27, plus one more surprise thing :-)
Still more new features to come.
As usual, there is a new animal coming with the new version. This time its this, and it lives in cold biomes:
Should be fairly obvious what is the name of this guy :-)
Normally slow and docile, but is powerful and can turn nasty if annoyed.
My 1.27 todo list is very short these days, just two must-do items before I can release.
I keep adding new stuff though. There is a large backlog of things already added that I must still show you, but by the time I get to that I will have added another bunch of things, so it never really ends :-)
The one for today is the new creative inventory. This has been proposed countless times, and finally I found time to do it:

No way to fit enough tab-style buttons like in desktop Minecraft, so we are using left-right buttons to navigate the categories instead. This should greatly simplify life of creative mode lovers. But thats not all, the final page is User page:

You can put anything you want in there, basically creating a custom frequently used set of items. Moreover, this is the same set of items that will be displayed as inventory when you access chests/crafting tables/furnaces. Hence 16 items only.
This may seem like an usability improvement only, but because of it I was finally able to do something I always wanted to do since I released 1.26. But for that youll have to wait for the next post.
Thunder and lightning in 1.26 is a bit tame. I made it a bit more entertaining for 1.27, watch here:

It was a shame to waste the great explosions system we have in Survivalcraft.

In 1.26 there is only health indicator, the hearts. In 1.27 there will be three: health, hunger and outside temperature. Have a look:

The temperature indicator shows environment temperature, not body heat like in the vital stats panel.
When its all blue, it means the temperature is optimal. When it turns dark, it means its too cold. When it turns orange, its too hot.
If you are properly clothed, with long johns, socks, sweaters etc., you can function in almost all temperatures. Only the most extreme cold, when the indicator is all dark might make you shiver a little. Unless you get wet. Being wet pretty much nullifies all clothing until you get it dry. In 1.27 you can stand close to a campfire to do so.
One thing that the new engine allows me to do is to use shaders.
Finally, after over 3 years of pain and trying to emulate what I wanted to do with XNA pipeline, I have proper shaders. Its like a breath of fresh air. For example I could remove all the dirty hacks I used to make clothes render properly.
More importantly we now have proper water transparency. See for yourselves:
Heres one more addition to 1.27:

Carpets make for cosy and nice interiors. And I made the walking sound properly soft and subdued.
Beware though, rain will ruin the carpet if its ever allowed to fall on it! Keep them indoors.


full changelist:
  • Ported all code to new cross-platform Engine
  • Removed obsolete compatibility settings
  • Made chests collect items thrown at them
  • Added summoning of lightning in creative
    Added shader-based, proper water translucency
  • Added cavalry boots, long johns, socks, sweater
  • Added moose
  • Added campfire
  • Added carpets
  • Overhauled mouse/keyboard control to production quality
  • Fixed tallgrass, flowers and gravestone drops
  • Increased short inventory slots to 6
  • New health, temperature, hunger bars
  • Chasing creatures will eventually get bored
  • Dangerous animals will chase when touched
  • Animals will get out of players way when pushed
  • Added Engine logo
  • Pathfinding algorithm improvements
  • Added wooden leggings (armor)
  • Added support for very wide aspect ratio (21:9 and more)
  • Added picking of block type with middle mouse button
  • Added explosions to lightning strikes
  • Added leather sandals, cowboy hat, fedora
  • Made player start with more clothes
  • Added game log viewer in settings
  • Added flowing water and magma ambient sounds
  • Fixed particles of painted blocks
  • Added milking sounds
  • Made back button exit panels instead of going to pause screen
  • Fixed drowning

For more info visit:


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04-03-2015, 04:50 PM
This is great news!

Looking forward to playing with the update!

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Worst idea ever!
04-03-2015, 05:07 PM
Its also coming to windows store - it means we can play it on PC cant wait

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