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App description: Help Red explore the land in this awesome action, adventure, puzzle game.

Mad King Mac has kidnapped your father and stolen your golden nut! Solve puzzles and battle goons as you explore and battle your way through the kingdom.

Discover hidden treasure, collect nuts, unlock special powers and much more as you play through 17 amazing and unique areas where there's always something new to discover.

TouchArcade, "Top 100 iOS Games"
iMore, " Best iPad Game"
BAFTA, "Best Game Nomination"
Apple TV Blog, "Best Puzzle/Adventure Game"

TouchArcade Game of the Week and Game of the Month, "this is more akin to an action adventure game in the same vein as something like Zelda"

What the amazing reviews have said,
"if you love the puzzle aspects of games like Legend of Zelda, you'll find a lot to admire about Red's Kingdom"
"looks absolutely amazing"
"charming and well made"
"puzzles are amazing"

Awesome action & adventure
Amazing puzzles to solve
A kingdom to explore
Goons to battle
Secrets to find
Meet new friends
Defeat Mad King Mac
A whole new world to discover

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Boardumb's comments:

01-18-2017, 09:37 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
Location: on the internet
Posts: 1,882
looks amazing. might pick this one up.

im a rpg loving kind of guy

01-18-2017, 10:46 PM
Joined: May 2012
Posts: 3,418
Just played 15 minutes and it's great I think, a lot of work has gone into this as it looks lovely, playing more tommorow see what it all holds, but this is money well spend I see that allready.
01-18-2017, 10:57 PM
Joined: Nov 2014
Posts: 458
Holy crap! Cobra Mobile has done it again! The game looks amazing, gonna have to pick this one up!

Not to detract from this awesome game, but when can we expect another iBomber from you guys? I still play those all the time, such a fun game series! I love the bomb dropping ones, but you guys need to make another iBomber Attack! That game was amazing! 😃👏🏻
01-18-2017, 11:23 PM
This is really top shelf stuff. Really digging it
01-18-2017, 11:29 PM
too good to be missed. just saying. everything looks perfect from the trailer.

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01-18-2017, 11:36 PM
Joined: Aug 2010
Location: The last time zone for iOS game releases :(
Posts: 2,271
Wow! It is good! Controls are responsive and it's a quality title. The only drawback I can see so far is no cloud saves, but shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Granted very early in the game, seems challenging. The trailer will give you an idea how the game plays, pretty darn good. So far worth the price and then some.
01-18-2017, 11:46 PM
Joined: Feb 2014
Posts: 326
Great game as usual from Cobra. Cheers Dev!!
01-19-2017, 12:01 AM
Joined: Mar 2014
Location: Reno, NV
Posts: 849
I'm All over this.
01-19-2017, 12:52 AM
Joined: May 2014
Posts: 748
brilliant game so far. special prize for the music and sounds - outstanding!