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⚠🚨👉 How to Post iOS Games on the TouchArcade Forums [PLEASE READ] 👈🚨⚠

04-05-2017, 11:04 AM
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⚠🚨👉 How to Post iOS Games on the TouchArcade Forums [PLEASE READ] 👈🚨⚠

The TouchArcade Forums are by far the largest independent community of iOS gamers on the internet, and it's quite a bit if work keeping this squeaky VBulletin machine operating at 110%. Aside from deleting loads of spam, a lot of what we do is format threads to keep them all uniform both to make the forums easy to browse but also easy for people to search for what they're looking for. I figured I'd write up a style guide of sorts with an associated FAQ to help both new and old forum members post the best threads possible. A lot of our back-end stuff is aggregated automatically from the forums, so following these steps will make it so we don't miss your game!

HOW TO POST A GAME THAT IS AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE (Scroll down to see how to post a soft-launched game.)

Step 1: Hit the New Thread button and strap in. The first thing you'll need to do is select a thread prefix from the dropdown. This should be self explanatory, but this is where you choose if a game is specifically for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Universal.

Step 2: Enter the thread title. Please use the following format:

Official App Store Game Name (by Developer Name)

For example, here's three perfect thread titles:

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition (by Mojang)
2. Clash Royale (by Supercell)
3. Candy Crush Saga (by King)

And here's three not so great thread titles:

1. Check out my new open world building game Minecraft
2. new game just released please download
3. Doodle Jump fun jumping game

Step 3: Come up with the first post, including whatever links, screenshots and other media you'd like but please include the full, non-shortened iTunes link in the following format:

For example:

In the actual post, that will render like this:

This is the most important part of creating a thread here as the appinfo tag is how everything gets linked together between the front page, our hot games listing, and everything else. It's not smart enough to parse the shortened iTunes link, so make sure you post the full URL from iTunes and not the http://appsto.re short links. Additionally, the iTunes data that is displayed is pulled from AppShopper's index, so if a game is brand new the appinfo tag will display "Processing" when the thread is submitted but should appear shortly as the AppShopper back-end looks up that particular game.

If you want to post a video with the thread follow these instructions. Please only post the actual trailer for the game and not third party gameplay video in the first post. If you want to get more fancy with how the text in the thread is formatted, check out what you can do with BBcode here.

That's it! You did it!


The process is pretty similar, with the main difference being the appinfo tag won't work just yet as AppShopper specifically indexes the US App Store. Instead, I've built a little utility that attempts to pull most of the same information from whatever foreign app store the game is launched on:

Click here to access the Thread-o-Matic 5000

All you need to do is dump the full, non-shortened, iTunes URL in the top field and hit "Generate," from there, just select the appropriate thread prefix then just copy and paste everything over from the form fields for the thread title and thread contents. If you want to do this manually, things are a bit more flexible for soft launched threads but please include a prefix for where the game is soft launched. For example:

1. [NZ] Candy Crush Ice Cream Saga (by King)
2. [AU] Five Nights at Freddy's 10 (by Scott Cawthon)
3. [NZ, CA] Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 (by Mojang)

That'll keep everything in order!

If you want go to hunting for soft launched games to post, the easiest way to do it is by following along with the various App Store region-specific RSS feeds. For instance, here's the most recent releases in the New Zealand app store: http://itunes.apple.com/nz/rss/newapplications/limit=100/xml you can replace the "nz" in that link with any two letter country code to look at their games instead. (For instance, replace "nz" with "au" to get the feed for the Australian App Store.)


No one is responding to my thread, what the heck?

As a developer, community manager, or whatever else, you need to encourage some kind of conversation in the thread. Many people just use the TouchArcade forums as a listing of new or cool games and don't really post a lot, unless given some kind of prompt or challenge to. As long as you're not obnoxiously bumping a thread over and over, trying to generate interest is totally fine!

Can I give away promo codes or hold contests?

Yes, but please do it in a new thread over in our promo codes and contests forum. If you want to raise awareness of the giveaway, that's fine, but just post about it once in the main game thread in this forum. We want to encourage discussion and that's hard to do when you dump a bunch of promo codes in a thread and people then have the next 25 posts be people announcing which code they're taking.

I goofed up, how do I change the title of my thread?

Just go into the thread itself and report it to the moderators, making sure to mention what you want the thread renamed to. Below each post, there's an icon of a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it, for reporting posts to moderators.

Any other questions?! Feel free to ask in this thread.

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Eli, you might include a place to get the full link from the short version, such as

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If you appinfo isn't showing up here are some extra info: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...96#post4011596
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Thanks for the information