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09-01-2015, 01:29 PM
Legionaire [sic] Elixir and Level 6 (Greater Legionaire) Enchantment

Okay, so I don't generally get Legionaire Elixirs. But just out of kicks, I did manage to get the Level 6 (Legendary) Enchantment.

Like the Chromatic Elixir and the Elixir of Wisdom, the Level 6 (Legendary) Enchantment is about 10%.

Here are what I've seen:

Level 5 (Legionaire) Enchantment: +1-3% critical chance, +10-58% critical damage
Level 6 (Greater Legionaire) Enchantment: +5% critical chance, +65% critical damage

Note this is less than the False Prince, the Mad Knight's passive (+8% critical chance, +200% critical damage).

However, if you wanted a truly strong offense hero, you could enchant False Prince, the Mad Knight with Legionnaire Elixir.

Level 5 (Chromatic Resistance) Enchantment: +4-9% resist all
Level 6 (Greater Chromatic Resistance) Enchantment: +11% resist all

Note this is less than Goldilocks, Master of Bears' passive (20% resist all) -- and is a bit buggy. The resist all for Chromatic doesn't apply to Dark opponents or bosses. It does apply for all other elements.

Some combination of Blocking and Resist all is necessary for higher levels.

Level 5 (Skill Up) Enchantment: Reduce cooldown by 1 turn
Level 6 (Greater Skill Up) Enchantment: Reduce cooldown by 2 turns

1 turn over 18-25 turns is highly negligible. It's just not worth it. However, reducing cooldown by 2 turns if your cooldown is already pretty low could be really interesting.