iPhone: Sidekick Cycle (by Global Gaming Initiative) Out Now

09-18-2013, 11:30 AM
Sidekick Cycle (by Global Gaming Initiative) Out Now

Hey, we're out worldwide now with Sidekick Cycle! Check out some video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twboV7poG2s[/url] Below is all the info from our App Store page. Have fun with it!

Blaze a trail to victory with Sidekick Cycle, Global Gaming Initiative’s one-touch downhill biking game that turns you into an adventurous, heroic biker. Use your skills to brave hazardous terrain, delivering bikes to kids in need. Customize your ride with an assortment of helpful Sidekick companion animals, then push it to the breaking point as your hurtle at top speed through dangerous courses filled with gravity-bending jumps and all that Mother Nature can throw at you!

Sidekick Cycle not only gives you the most exhilarating “downhill” style gameplay experience ever for iOS, it aims to raise awareness of the positive impact bikes can make in impoverished communities. A bike can make sure a kid attends school every day, as well as provide daily healthy activity. Global Gaming Initiative’s mission is to connect communities to make a difference.

•TONS OF LEVELS! Barrel down more than 30 vertigo-inducing, tire-shredding tracks across the rugged, untamed terrain of North America and Africa, with new levels to come in future updates
•INSANE TRICKS! Push yourself to the limit and pull off gravity-defying tricks and flips for bonus points and coins to spend on upgrades
•ADORABLE SIDEKICKS! Buckle up and hold on tight with Hondro and his Sidekicks –animal friends with ferocious powers to help you reach the finish line in one piece
•CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIKE! Personalize your ride with a mountain of choices from a variety of rider gear and bikes
•GAMECENTER ENABLED! Leaderboards and achievements



If you encounter a problem running the game, please email the device you're using, iOS version, and a detailed description of your problem to support@globalgaminginitiative.com.

For support on most common issues please visit:
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09-18-2013, 03:48 PM
very cool
09-18-2013, 03:58 PM
Levels, eh?

Hmmm... This looks like it could be quite good. o_


I give up.
09-19-2013, 12:42 PM
More Levels on the Way

Originally Posted by Drummerboycroy View Post
Levels, eh?

Hmmm... This looks like it could be quite good. o_


We helped co-develop this game. Wanted to let you know that there are 30 levels included, plus another 6 advanced levels that will unlock when we donate 25 bikes.

We have another 36 levels in development (in addition to more riders, sidekicks, and bikes), that will soon be provided in a free update.

50% of the game proceeds go to the World Bicycle Relief, and it looks like we are already close to donating our first bike...


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09-20-2013, 03:45 PM
This is a pretty good game, but it wreaks of IAP everywhere. After completing the first world (10 levels?) I only had enough currency to upgrade my bike to the cheapest 'next' one. This is not freemium; I paid for this game upfront please. Please work on either adding more coin's opportunity, or decrease the amount it takes for everything; the sidekick concept is what this game has to be a niche, but I have not even been able to try all of them yet due to their expensiveness. It is 500 coins to simply skip a level, and 150 to continue if you wreck. Also, I don't see that upgrading to a different bike did anything as far as performance?

There are only three(3) different sidekicks that can be earned within the game (priced at 150 coins, 750, and 1500. You only earn on average 40-80 coins per level.

This game is certainly 'for a cause', but please allow the players to enjoy all facets of the game for simply purchasing it. There will always be players who buy IAP, but it is certainly a small % of players.

I look forward to hearing back on this!
Thanks in advance!