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10-30-2013, 12:58 PM
Khaba - Mysterious Story Puzzler

Hey Guys

I have a new game thats been in the works for some time now and I hope it is something you would like to try out.

The game is called "Khaba".

I like to describe the game as a mature puzzle adventure for those rainy autumn nights. Our extensive player-tests have shown that the game works surprisingly well next to a warm fireplace with a glass of wine... =)

A more strict way of describing it would highlight a story about an explorer on a treasure hunt, that gets trapped in a dark pyramid. The only way to get out is by rotating and moving orbs that reflect a weak ray of light.
As the explorer descends deeper into the pyramid, new parts of his story is revealed, ultimately exposing his true nature.

The game is unique in its revealing of the main characters inner story, while still offering a rich puzzle challenge for casual players. Other features includes full voice-acting and alternative endings.

Check out the trailer at:http://www.khabathegame.com/


Some Promo Codes for your early birds! Please tell us what you think, rate the game on iTunes and vote for us on Greenlight!

11-12-2013, 03:04 AM
For some reason my last post wasnt posted. Here it is againg!

Yeah the game does get alot harder after a while, maybe to hard =) But we didnt have time to implement a hint system. But it is something we are looking at.

Thats a good idea, we tried the middle ground by allowing the players to deactivate the subtitles through the pause menu.

Thats probably agood way to do it. Thanks for the tip!

Dont want to be pushy, but a review on the appstore would be very appriciated. Cheers!
12-20-2013, 02:56 AM
Hi again everybody,

Yesterday we released an update that makes the game Universal so now you can play on both iPad and iPhone. We also implemented a few features to make it easier to play on small screens.

Apart from that the game is now also out on Android.

If you want to know more about the game, check out the Trailer.

And If you like what you see, please support us on Greenlight!
10-02-2014, 10:23 AM
Finished the game (both endings). Missed the game's original release but found the game by chance recently.

Pleasantly surprised by the high production quality and puzzle level difficulty.


1. Deceptively challenging puzzles. Great expansion of otherwise familiar light/mirror mechanics. Unlike most other games that use the same mechanics, most of the mirrors/orbs in this game are free to be moved in cardinal directions, but just rotated. The allowance of both translational and rotational movements add a lot to increase the puzzles' sophistication.

2. Multiple puzzle solutions. It is clear that many of the more complex levels in later parts of the game can be solved in multiple ways. It is unclear, however, whether or not for each level there is an optimal solution or whether your solution is the one intended by the developer (since there is no hints function) for the level. In my playthrough, I tried to come up with solutions that "minimize" the number of times the orbs need to be moved & positioned to reach the exit, as I see this approach as solving the level optimally.

3. For an otherwise pure puzzle game, the developer managed to successfully include a sound narrative (albeit short one). There is even voice acting. The story has enough foreshadowing that keen observers will not likely be surprised by the game's endings.

4. The game has 2 endings. The "good" ending is available only if you have collected all of the scarabs in the available levels. I like the extra challenge. In general, the solution for this extra challenge is more inventive and requires you to think "more outside the box".


1. By far, the most annoying aspect of this game is the erratic controls. For a game that demands great precision when positioning the light rays, the controls to position and rotate the orbs are utterly rubbish. The touch controls frequently misinterpret finger lifts as rotation, causing you to constantly misalign the light rays. Orbs that are close together are difficult to manipulate, as the game frequently selects the incorrect orb for you. This is not a trivial issue. In later parts of the game, it was a hair-tearing experience trying to align all of the light rays correctly, only to be ruined entirely because the game misinterpreted a gesture.

2. The ray physics were mostly sound, but there were clearly edges cases when a ray could be shone through edges of solid walls (whereas it should have been obstructed). In fact, I frequently leveraged this trick to make shortcut solutions for some levels.

In all, great puzzle game and excellent production quality. Do not be alarmed that the game has only 28 levels. While the earlier levels are trivial to solve, each of the later levels can easily take you an hour or so to solve, particularly if you are obsessed with reworking your solution to try to optimize it (as I did) for each level.

Highly recommended! Must buy for puzzle fans.

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