• Publisher: UBINURI
  • Genre: Music
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 166.1 MB
  • Version: 2.2
  • Price: $2.99
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App description: A rhythm action game that you defeat evils along with wonderful music, Radiohammer!

* Introduction of Radiohammer *
Radiohammer is an exciting and easy-to-play rhythm action game in which you play by tapping on the screen to the rhythm.
Anyone starts off easily but as you progress you will need to demonstrate more rhythmical and flashy moves!
A variety of characters and backgrounds! Charming enemies and shocking boss stages!
Enjoy this game with self-produced 70 songs and many more stages!

* Have fun with a variety of game modes *
In Story Mode, each character that you choose has a different story and shocking boss stage!
In Track Play Mode, you get to play diverse challenge missions that motivate your enthusiasm!
In Random Play Mode, you can compete with players around the world for the highest score!
In Jukebox Mode, you can listen to original soundtracks!

* Start off easily but never know what you will end up with *
Touch the screen to the rhythm and that's it?! Isn't that too easy?!
Of course, you start off easily but as you progress you will figure that the tempo of music increases and the notes become complex!
Test yourself and get recognition by the Spirit of Rock. Come and get him!

* Addtional content updates *
New Channels, new characters, and new songs with different styles are soon to be updated!
A chic girl with the electronic style, DJ Numi is up next for Radiohammer!
New music?! Harder levels?! No worries! They are coming up soon!

* Radiohammer Story *
'Radiohammer Station' is a pirate radio station with super DJs who enjoy worldwide popularity!
Super DJs listen to the radio audience's story and rush to the scene to get rid of social evils with music!
Love and music are the only forces that can truly protect the world peace! Broadcast live all over the world how you defeat social evils!


Currently the iphone 4s, ipad 2, please note that do more than just support!

support : ask79@ubi-nuri.com

strivemind's comments:

Video from Alpha build (couldn't find a more recent one)
01-18-2014, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by DonnyDJ76 View Post
It works on the iPhone 5 but not iPad 3 or 5. Very easy so far as well as enjoyable.
It most definitely does run on the iPad 3 but it does not seem to register all hits. I checked idolm@ster Shiny Festa and Miku Flick 2 and they both register. I thought this may be a problem with slow iPad3 hardware but these other games work OK.
01-18-2014, 05:54 PM
I would love this game if it wasn't for the lags. It makes it unplayable and unfair.
I own an iphone 4, but games like Deemo and Rhythm Thief run smoothly on my phone. Not the case with this one.
01-18-2014, 06:23 PM
Joined: Oct 2009
Location: Greenville, SC
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Was looking at the game play video of this and Audio Ninja, which I hadn't heard of until EP brought it up. And, please for those who have played Radiohammer, correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like a one tap rhythm game. And looking at the Audio Ninja gameplay, it looks a little more involved (taps on right or left of the screen based on the enemy/note) as well as some special attacks.

Can anyone comment on the gameplay between the two? EP also asked but after seeing this and hearing about Audio Ninja, I'm leaning towards Audio Ninja as the concept of both looks cool, just more strategic in AN and maybe too repetitive in this game.
03-08-2014, 12:59 AM
I love rhythm games but this one sucks terribly.
03-31-2014, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by lapin View Post
I love rhythm games but this one sucks terribly.
Could you be more constructive with your criticism?

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