[FREE] Tap the Bird

05-09-2014, 04:58 AM
[FREE] Tap the Bird

Our first 2D tap based game for Android, action/casual game for free time.

COOL! Ed and his friends has arrived to you and you can enjoy the game for FREE! Tap the Bird brings you challenging but funny experience with the birds where you test your skills. You will meet Ed, Bob, Beckie and Frankie.

EXTRA: You can slow time by tapping on Snail or get some extra time by catching the falling Egg.

The game also contains 17 achievements

Let the journey begin, Let's TAP THE BIRD.

Tap the Bird on the App Store:

If anyone is interested to help us with translation, feel free update translations here:
- Spanish
- German
- Japanese
- Chinese Simplified
- Italian
- Russian

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