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Give suggestions! We値l make the game at your pleasures!

01-04-2016, 05:01 AM
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Give suggestions! We値l make the game at your pleasures!

Our team is finishing up a runner game for iOS version! There’re many features we need to make better now. We’re so grateful if pro-gamers in Touch Arcade forum could give us suggestions, which will be seriously taken considerations. The game now is available on facebook and will be released in this Jan.
Tell us what you want more in the game!
Here’s short description of the game:

“Embark on an exciting and dangerous adventure.
Journey through beautifully crafted environments, put your maneuvering skill to the test as you jump, glide, dodge obstacles to reach the mountain top.
Compete with other players to climb higher on the leaderboard and become the world's ultimate champion!
Rescue other players or steal from them.
Mountain Rush is completely free to play, with optional in-app purchase.”
Thanks for your feedbacks.
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04-04-2016, 08:23 PM
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More unlockables

Something that's going to keep me coming back more and more. Not just high score.

My biggest thing I need in ANY game is upgrading and collecting a currency.

Say for instance I'm collecting coins every game and saving them up to upgrade my guy to make him run faster so the next time I start the game I progress a little more further and then I do it again and again.
That's what keeps me coming back to every game on my mobile
05-08-2016, 06:40 PM
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Oh I have to agree with Jayg2015. Unlockables such as cosmetic items, tiny boosts, sets to collect.

But I would appreciate you taking a risk and make some content time locked. For example some area accessible only in a certain day of a month or being able to get some item only at night. Maybe you could even connect it to weather forecast and have game behave differently when there will be raining or sunny.. Actually this could help you to prepare sensible push notifications, build community around it (with wiki and various playthroughs) and basically have players think about the game even outside of it.

I'm just throwing ideas around (I hope I'm still being at least a bit coherent), but even a simple runner game could become pretty long-lasting, interesting RPG-esque game. Game that changes how it plays based on outside influence.

You probably wouldn't get a vast number of downloads, but I'm fairly positive, that such a game would find a solid playerbase with massive playtimes.

Okay - I went too far with that idea - it's 1:43 AM .

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02-13-2017, 09:05 AM
unlockable is good. If you are worried on giving away to much for free, then maybe have them watch a rewarded video in return for it. I would still give some away for free, but that way they have options.

I also would suggest to make more of the screen part of the game, not the side info. There is a lot of space on the side which maybe fine on Facebook version, but for mobile, maximizing the game playing area would be better.

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