App description: Get your groove on in the latest addition to the DJMAX series. The HIT arcade and console rhythm action game, TECHNIKA, has now arrived on mobile devices! In this edition, you can enjoy not only the songs from the DJMAX series but also play exclusive songs featured only in TECHNIKA!

- The unprecedented arsenal of 50+ songs with full music videos in the background!
- Fast and challenging play style unlike any other rhythm game! Split screen system puts a new spin on the popular genre.
- High definition background displays set the tone for the song and is unique to each and every song!
- Compete with your friends using the ranking system and see whose musical prowess dominates the scene!

- The timeline will start moving horizontally as soon as the music begins
- Touch the note when the timeline passes through the middle of note
- When the Fever gauge on the top right of the screen is full, touch the [FEVER] button to trigger Fever Mode. During Fever Mode, all points will be based on maximum judgment.
- Lucky bonus, which randomly appears during the game, allows chances for reaching a higher score.
- You can compete with friends real time with ranking mode.
- Buy Skins and enlist the help of Partners to create your unique Technika experience

- You can have smoother gameplay by turning BGA and key sound OFF in OPTION> Low Spec Menu.
03-25-2014, 03:52 PM
Haven't had any problems with the game yet and enjoying it so far if anyone wants to add me my pmang+ nickname is zazzy or GC Id is zazzy1980
03-25-2014, 07:19 PM
Pmang nickname: 7ten
Friend code: BpAMb

03-26-2014, 06:16 AM
I really enjoy DJMAX Ray. Will give this a go tonight.

Looks like Ray may be superior though, but will reserve judgement until I have given it a go

Very excited for it though!
03-27-2014, 03:00 AM
Hmmmm, OK. It is fun. When it actually starts. Very irritating, long wait time saying "checking app version" or something like that. And if you have a crappy edge connection like I have at home, it gets stuck there, or just crashes. Not nice.

Once you finally get into the game, it is quite fun. But so far, I like DJMAX Ray better. But will soldier on for a bit longer to see how it goes.
03-27-2014, 07:37 PM
pmang: ronin2kid
friend code: Bv3Wk
04-16-2014, 07:21 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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Send a message via MSN to thelastscene
How do you add friends in the international version? D:

Feel free to add me at Game Center, my ID is thelastscene.
04-27-2014, 07:06 PM
Pmang nickname: Oniros
Friend code: Dv8Yf
05-13-2014, 04:43 AM
New music pack is out!
05-14-2014, 11:19 AM
How do u add freinds for this game ive tried searching the pmang users but doesnt seem to work...anyways if any of u guys wanna add me my gcid is zazzy1980,play lots of genres especially music rhythm
05-26-2014, 07:31 PM
Just want to chime in that Danteazm's post in #19 works beautifully for those who are jailbroken.

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