iPhone: OVERKILL 2 - shooter with over 30 realistic 3D weapons (by Craneballs, F2P)

03-22-2013, 10:30 AM
OVERKILL 2 - shooter with over 30 realistic 3D weapons (by Craneballs, F2P)

***Multiplayer has arrived boys and girls!***

Get the update to your devices and watch Czech Divas go at each other before the download is complete:

***The new 1.1.1 UPDATE has been released and brings:***

New singleplayer mode:
HEADSHOT ZONE - test your accuracy, steady hand and all the other important sniper skills!
3 new leaderboards - one for each map.

Each week you have a chance to win recognition and great prizes!

New Features:
Leaderboards can now be viewed on the tactical map.
Failed missions can be reactivated.

Bug Fixes:
XP reward per level showing correct number.
Black Market optimization and fixed crashing.
Not Alone mission fixed.

***What's new in 1.1 UPDATE***

First MULTIPLAYER mode has just arrived to Overkill 2 - Gunmaster PvP Challenge.

It has nine rounds, it has rewards for each, it has leaderboards for those who dominate the ninth round!

Gunmaster has the FUN FACTOR of riding a wild stallion and offers DRAMATIC MOMENTS that will make your heart race with adrenaline. Guaranteed!


Overkill 2: It's shooting time!

Overkill 2 on iTunes

PS: Let us know what you think!!!


GAMEPLAY TIPS: http://www.craneballs.com/news/7-tip...kill-2-79.html

v1.0.1 known issues: https://craneballs.uservoice.com/kno...wn-issues-ios-

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06-01-2014, 12:28 PM
Has anyone purchased the 200om mystery packs and actually won anything? If you have what did you win and how many tries did it take? Blew a ton of medals buying 4 mystery packs and got nothing. Great game though and it sucks I didn't get anything but I didn't mind the IAP going to a great developer. Thanks for any info