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02-09-2015, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by durp View Post
I find it interesting that Chillingo's representative dropped off the forum. "Hi I'm Patrick and I'm here to answer any questions you ugh have..." Not really. Actually Patrick doesn't seem to care at all. Even so, Chillingo will continue to advertise Iron Force on TA.

I guess they are making enough money to decide that the players who don't like the present battlefield can just leave and abandon any investments they've made. Suck it up.

I wonder what the revenue stream looks like? Any guesses on the IAP to get you a one shot one kill?

It's a shame.
EA owns Chillingo. I wouldn't expect anything less (more?)
02-09-2015, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by SirVemup View Post
You men need to stop with all the crying. All apps are set up for paying customers to have an advantage over non-paying customers. Duh. Would you want to invest thousands of hours into creating an app and not profit anything?
As far as the match-ups, you people are not telling the whole truth. Yes it is true that in some battles you will be out ranked and out tanked, but in some battles you will be the top tier tank and have the high rank.
I have played both sides of this equation. My first account i have spent over $200 on a lynx, and on my second account i am grinding it through with no real cash. Difference? Yes. My free account is 2 weeks old and i am consistently at the top of the list when completing battles. My cash account, near dead last every battle because while i am waiting for upgrades tier 3, 4, and 5 tanks can 1 shot kill me.
Yeah' I know what you mean. I bought a LACERTA and done some upgrades and done well with it in the beginning, but now that I've been promoted, often times I'm thrown in with the tier 5 tanks, and gets killed with one shot. Sometimes I get lucky I end up with lower tier tank battles and collect money for upgrades. I didn't mind spending money in the beginning, I like playing the game. I spend money in playing at the arcades, and there no difference here.