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Upcoming Platform Game: Suzy Cube

10-30-2015, 11:47 AM
Suzy Cube Update: October 30, 2015

First I want to encourage all of you to check out the latest instalment of Lessons From Suzy Cube all about making the game feel great to play on a touch screen: http://louardongames.blogspot.com/20...-controls.html

Now for the update!

I mostly did some bug fixing and getting around to backlog stuff this week.

I started the week by making a variation of my chaser enemy which looks like a snowman head... And hides as a snowman's head!

Getting these right also meant addressing some bugs in the chaser behaviour which were totally overdue.

I also wrote myself a super useful debug script which follows the player around spawning cubes at regular intervals. What's really neat is that I can copy the cubes in play mode and then paste them back into the scene in edit mode to use them as a template for placing stuff like coins to perfectly match the player's path or jump arc. It's been extremely useful on level 2-3 with all the slides and jump pads.

What else, what else? Oh! Wrote a little script to make particle effects that ignore the time scale. When Suzy is hit or gets a power up, there's a slight pause or slowdown that many people were assuming was a bug or chugging.. hopefully this will help make the effect look more intentional.. as intended...

And, finally, I created a set of gradient assets using a custom vertex alpha shader. They should be really useful for making blocks look like they are cut off or receding into darkness.. OR LAVA!!

Well, that's it for this week. Halo 5 just came out, so I make no promises for next week!
10-30-2015, 06:21 PM
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Your game is looking really great, but at the moment it looks just like super mario 3d. It is going to be pretty impossible to match that in quality so I was wondering how you were planning to make your one stand out from Mario?

Please follow me on twitter @JamesDestined I post lots of development from both my game creation and professional development.
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10-31-2015, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by Destined View Post
Your game is looking really great, but at the moment it looks just like super mario 3d. It is going to be pretty impossible to match that in quality so I was wondering how you were planning to make your one stand out from Mario?
Well, Destined, I'm not gonna be coy about it. My goal IS to pretty much make my own iOS adapted version of Super Mario 3D World. I wrote more about why on my blog a few months ago: http://louardongames.blogspot.com/20...do-master.html
11-06-2015, 01:08 PM
Suzy Cube Update: November 6, 2015

Okay! This week I started things off by making a placeholder tutorial screen:

More importantly, though, I set up the first user experience flow. I decided to change things up if it's your first time launching the game. Instead of taking you to the level select, I will take you to the aforementioned tutorial screen and then straight to Level 1-1. Why make you suffer through clicking your way around a level select screen that means nothing to you yet!? Straight to gameplay, baby!

Similarly, I've also set up the tester flow with an extra screen with instructions for logging into Everyplay using the test account and a button to do just that.

And the rest of my week was spent working on a new level, Level 4-3.

The level is split up into three towers, but when you're playing, you have the impression that you are simply racing down a single long tower, trying to outrun the giant spiked crusher that is chasing you down the whole time. A big part of why the level is spit up into three parts like this is to help accommodate checkpoints and the big crusher.

Speaking of crushers, there are also many smaller ones sprinkled throughout your harrowing escape down the tower.. you know, cuz I'm mean like that sometime ^_~

I also wrote another Lessons From Suzy Cube post which I invite you all to read. This one is all about the culling system I wrote to allow the game to run nice and fast, even on my iPod Touch.

I am currently debating whether or not to attend GCD in SanFran in March. If I do, it will have a huge effect on my priority list as I will concentrate on making World 1 look all finished and stuff. Anywho, still on the fence about it so I will keep all of you posted.
11-12-2015, 03:20 PM
Suzy Cube Update: November 12, 2015

This update comes a day early. I won't be available to do the update on Friday, so Thursday it is!
It was a lazy week for me, so it won't be a very big update. I did get some work done on some desert props, though!

And made some interactive sarcophagi!

The Mummy Skull is essentially my take on Dry Bones from Mario games.

And made some/ still working on some wall mounted blow torches!!

Also wanted to mention that if all goes well, I'll be attending GDC in San Fran in March! This will mean re-vectoring my efforts to concentrate on making the beginning of the game as presentable as possible rather than painting the whole thing in broad strokes.

I will keep you all posted on the GDC situation and let me know if you are planning to attend so we can meet up!

See you next week! I've got to go finish that blow torch and then plan the next four months!
11-17-2015, 04:00 PM
The early parts of the game are already looking pretty slick - can't wait to see how much more you can dress it up.

interactive sarcophagi?
11-20-2015, 03:41 PM
Suzy Cube Update: November 20, 2015

Back to our regularly scheduled update...

I'm working on a new level, level 1-3. It's a big descent to the goal and all about learning to use the double jump power up.

I'm having fun with it. I even added a couple of hidden areas! These are fun for breaking up the look and action of a level and giving the player a sense of exploration and discovery.

And I'm currently working on a basic flying enemy for the game: Killer Bees!

Expect to see more of this bad guy next week!

That's it for this week's update. Not a glamorous one, I'm afraid. It's what happens when I spend most of the week with my nose buried in the editor. So I will leave you with a couple more screenshots.

See you all next week!
11-27-2015, 02:02 PM
Suzy Cube Update: November 27, 2015

So, Level 1-3 is done for the moment and I've got my new bee enemies working!

I suspect they will cause... quite the buzz...

Moooving on! I've got a good chunk of work done on Level 1-2 which makes me feel pretty good about having a nice presentable World 1 to show off to folks at GDC in March.

Notice the fog effect? That's actually three things working together...

The camera background colour...

The scene fog...

And finally, my custom gradient objects to simulate height fog.

Put it all together and you've got a nice misty forest feel.

Now, I've had all the parts needed to do this in place for a while now, but it was only this morning that I figured I would write a simple script which ensures all three colours match up when the level is loaded. In short, I simply grab the camera background colour, and then set the fog colour to match and finally I set the colour of the gradient object material to match as well. This should make it nice and easy for me to make changes and adjust the background colours of levels to get them just right without having to fiddle with all three colours individually.

It's not a HUGE thing, but when you're working on your own, every little time saver like this can really pay off in the long run.

Next week I should be finishing off work on Level 1-2 and then moving on to, either, 1-4 or the first boss level, not sure yet... We'll see next week! See you all then!
11-27-2015, 08:03 PM
Wow, looking really good. Nice to see all the updates too.
12-04-2015, 11:01 AM
Suzy Cube Update: December 4, 2015

Level 1-2 draft is done! It's all about teaching the player to use jump pads including the normal kind, bounce pads and jump activated pads. I thought the tall trees of a forest motif would be perfect for this.

I also put in work on converting my previously lava-rific boss into it's watery World 1 version. I set up its attack sequence too and did a bitty bit of set up work to simplify making the level leading up to the boss.

Otherwise, just a little bit of bug fixing, nothing to write home about.

Next week I should have a completed boss level draft and, hopefully, some early progress on Level 1-4. Until then, have a great week, folks!