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Your well-reasoned argument, which somehow puts the matter to rest by simply employing the word 'totally', has made me see the light. I stand corrected, Primooz.
I said that it's totally playable. Do I need to have multiple arguments so that I can convince you?

1. The fingers were never blocking the screen In the way that it would make the gameplay less... Intense
2. I could read all the text just fine, even on a non-retina (3Gs) display.
3. I could control all the minions exactly how I wanted to. There were no problems in tapping exactly where I wanted.

The word "totally" means exactly what I wanted to express and it's not just a word I put in there for fun.

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Coz he gangsta. Daz wut he iz.
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I've read in a few reviews that it is basically unplayable on an iPhone due to the smaller screen.
It's fine on an iPhone. I've played it more on iPhone than on iPad.

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So how is it that some people are happy plunging 20+ hours into this and some say they've "finished" after an hour and a half?
Different people are different.
Personally I find this is a game that I want to replay, even though there is nothing more I can "accomplish" within it (there is a high score table, but I don't think I will get any better). Other games I delete as soon as I have finished them and gained all the achievements. YMMV.
12-30-2013, 04:48 PM
Finally got this. Excellent game. Challenging, awesome minimalist style, a lot of depth in how you build your base (just got destroyed because one guy was carrying materials and wasn't able to make to the weapons module in time)

In case you didn't know, the game is coming to PC in January, with "two additional game modes with new monoliths and more missions". Would be cool if we get that content as well

Edit: yes, we'll be getting that content too. I asked the developer on Twitter
more stuff is coming with the pc release, it'll be available for mobile as a free update eventually too.

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Have played for about two+ hours now, absolutely loving it. You really have to plan out your base well, be wary of the wave timer and defense coverage

Game is quite challenging, still haven't been able to fully research the first monolith yet but I'm getting better at building more efficient bases. That's the kind of subtle progress I like. My best game was 53 minutes, but my guys were too spread out and then we got destroyed
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This game was on sale at the beginning of the month; coinciding with its one year release anniversary, I presume. I picked it up and really enjoyed it.

I agree with a lot of what people have already said, I would like to see more. Not to justify the price, but because it has so much (seemingly) un-tapped potential.

Playing the game on ipad is easier than the iphone; but the iphone is playable. Every now and then I get the notification dropdown instead of the game but that is tolerable.

I was able to complete all three achievements in 4 game sessions. My best time to all monoliths is 41:02. I can survive 35 waves, but then it all falls apart.

The PC version has been updated with more features. I would like to see those features on the IOS version. I spend most of my game time either on iphone or ipad.
08-12-2014, 02:49 PM
Yeah this game need more contents.