App description: Cosmic Conquest is a fast paced, real-time strategy game, designed from the ground-up for iOS and touch-screen devices.

Outwit the evil Alien race by capturing all of their bases, using a mixture of action and strategy, in this insanely fun game!

Take control of energy planets, towers and many other bases with which to crush the Alien scum!

Collect bonuses and use awesomely fun special weapons, including the Ion Cannon and the Nuke!

Battle across 6 planets, 48 levels and face-off against 6 evil bosses during your mission to save humanity!


4/5 Stars - "incredibly satisfying" -

"Cosmic Conquest has an interesting visual style and simple touch interface... looks like we might have another winner when it comes to iOS real time strategy titles." -

Sanuku's comments:

05-12-2013, 11:42 AM
Quick screenshot of one of the new levels of Planet Num Nums:

And now that Everyplay is integrated, you can record and share your replays with the world, like this tester we recorded:
06-06-2013, 09:32 AM
The update is currently In Review and will hopefully be out for the weekend!
06-07-2013, 03:07 AM
Update 1.1 is out - FREE FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!

We've just released the first update to our game, Cosmic Conquest and we're making the game free for this weekend only. It'll be back to 1.49 from Monday!

What's new in 1.1?

- Made the game easier! As requested, we've toned down the difficulty for Normal mode and added a new Hard mode for those of you enjoy the extra challenge!

- A whole new planet to conquer! We've added 8 more levels to the game for a new total of 56 levels!

- Energy for your Special weapon powers now produces a little bit faster. Get blasting!

- Added Everyplay automatic Replay recording, sharing and viewing!

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06-07-2013, 10:37 AM
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Umm..what is that on the bottom left corner? Looks quite...masculine.
Lol I just saw that in the App Store and came here to post the same thing.
06-07-2013, 03:40 PM
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Lol I just saw that in the App Store and came here to post the same thing.
Hehe! Some people...

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