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Old 08-21-2014, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by PikPok View Post
This is hyperbole.

While it is true use of ads can often result in negative reviews or comments on places like TouchArcade, the percentage of players that have a problem with ads is actually quite low.

I can say that with confidence given most PikPok games have ads but still have strong reviews. On top of that, almost half our revenue comes from ads. I'm sure we are considered a "serious developer" too.

As mentioned by some above, pick the business model that works best for the title. If you are developing for a niche, more hardcore audience, then a paid model can work well. If you are developing for the mass market and a more casual audience, then free to play is probably the way to go (and that includes considering ads).

Either way, be careful not to compromise your business on the feedback of a vocal minority.
Yes, you are a "serious developer". A very good one.

It is very interesting that so much of your money comes from ads. I'm sure a lot of work went into using them correctly. They can damage an app to the state where it becomes unplayable, while it has little effect on others. Any tips on what to do to get it right?

I find it ironic that all these "no ads" comments are appearing on an ad-supported website.
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Old 08-21-2014, 06:08 PM
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It does seem that paid is what to aim for, I think everyone who is in it for the gamedev would agree.

I intend to see how it goes with paid first then decide if a free version should follow later. Before I would make the app free for a while, but word didn't spread without a campaign.

I think only TV adverts are super annoying, there's way too many of them like a third of the hour. If games used that much real estate they would be a joke! Well, you can imagine next game 'inspires' a free with ads version, a popup says "paid or free?", if the user selects free then the game zooms out forming a surrounding black border with ads of "what you could've had" in true Bull's Eye (Brit quiz) style haha
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Old 08-21-2014, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Moonjump View Post
It is very interesting that so much of your money comes from ads. I'm sure a lot of work went into using them correctly. They can damage an app to the state where it becomes unplayable, while it has little effect on others. Any tips on what to do to get it right?
Some basic high level tips

- use ad mediation services such as Mopub and Sponsorpay to maximize the fill rate and eCPMs (revenue per ad) across all territories, rather than just relying on a single ad provider.

- use the filtering options available in your ad solutions to tailor ad types towards what you think your audience will respond to e.g. filter out kids and educational game ads from your first person shooter title. This will increase the effectiveness of any ads shown, and increase eCPMs.

- the expected "standard" these days is to turn off ads when somebody purchases any IAP. We do this on our more recent titles, and it seems more effective than an explicit "turn off ads" IAP.

- pick the right moment to introduce ads into the experience. On our more recent titles, we are waiting between 10-40 minutes before showing ads for the first time, to give the player an opportunity to become invested in the title. You'll likely want to throttle your ads too so that the player isn't bombarded constantly, but only has the opportunity to see a new ad every few minutes.

- choose slots to show ads after the player has completed something rather than when they show intent to do something e.g. after they complete a race rather than before they are about to start a race. Players are much more likely to click on and ad if it isn't "interrupting" them.

- incentivized video is a great source of revenue that players actually seem to like (at the very least it doesn't seem to detract from the experience). We've had great revenue uplift from introducing incentivized video as a way for players to earn currency or lives, much more than any negative impact it has on IAP purchases.

- reward offer services like Kiip can provide high value returns, and again we've found that players like these on balance as they are getting real world rewards or ingame currency/items.

- offerwalls such as those offered by Tapjoy also seem to be a non offsensive revenue source that some minority of players leverage. While only a smaller number of players engage with this in our experience, the revenues do add up over time.

- ad solutions that we are currently using include iAds, Admob/Adsense, Uplift, Chartboost, Millenial, MoPub, Sponsorpay, Applifier, Kiip, Mediabrix, Tapjoy and Tremor.

In summary, you want to use a multifaceted solution that doesn't rely on any individual provider or type of ad, and is well considered in terms of how and where ads are introduced and placed.
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