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I thought it was funny too.
Me too…
02-28-2015, 11:34 PM
An Exceptional Game

I love these kinds of games, & Warhammer Quest is def one of my favs! The music, the atmosphere, they work so well for this game. I think the game plays wonderfully, except theres one little thing: I had started a game in casual mode.. :P Its WAY too easy! Theres no challenge! They meant it when they said casual. Next time I play(and I will be playing this one ALOT), I will be starting in Adventurer mode. It'll be so fun when I play it on a more challenging setting, the way I like my games! ..I guess when it said casual, I figured there would be a small amount of challenge, enough for my first playthru, get to know the game, but WoW. No challenge AT ALL.

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They're only in trouble because "Blue wizard shot the food!"
That would be Gauntlet! I used to play that all the time, I liked it alot!!