App description: The first installment of The Legend of Tales.
Sleeping BeautyX(KOR New paid apps) is ranked 3rd in just 7days.
Sleeping BeautyX !!

A Cruel fairy tale for Adults is Back as 3D RPG of advance.
Venture a huge Maze and Confront against horrid Monsters!
Simple Drag-and-Drop & Stylish Character Customizing System.
Brilliant Skills & Various Tactics using 4weapons!

English, Japanese, Korean

iPhone4S or more
02-03-2014, 09:28 AM
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It's funny how this thread gets bumped every few days and nobody really has any substantial info on the game. I suggest that from here on, unless you have the game and feel like talking about it some depth, it would be best to just let the tread die because it's pretty clear from the pattern of people begging for someone else to give info and nobody giving it that this isn't a game worth talking about.

I did actually buy this awhile ago and it's not good. Granted, I didn't play it for very long, but it's very boring. The main thing it has going for it is generating interest in people who haven't played it yet.

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