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Looking for Android Game recommendations

07-26-2015, 04:03 PM
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Androminion freeware
It's no longer available on Google Play, so you'll need to download the APK here, and install it through that.
It's the digital version of the card game Dominion. Has 7 expansions, (8th one, Guilds, is available on one of the APKs on that site). No card art, but this means the game has a small footprint (4 MB or so!), loads quickly, and is able to fit all cards on the same screen with minimal scrolling needed.

I've played 1300+ games on my Galaxy s2, and played over 400 on my current, Galaxy s4!

Galaxy Trucker $5
I hate playing the physical version of this, but on digital format, even if I'm getting my ass kicked, it feels like a more pleasant experience. Game also comes with a full fledged campaign mode
A bit heavier for those who are "non-gamers"

Prestige freeware
The free version of Splendor
This one's on the lighter side

Monument Valley $2

also, go to www.humblebundle.com, and sign up to get notifications. Many of the games are for Steam or PC, but you get Humble Mobile Bundles every now and then, and you can snatch up 4 to 9 games for as little as $1, but usually $4 to $10 for the higher tiers.