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09-05-2013, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by y2kmp3 View Post
Can someone answer these questions about the game without spoilers?

How long is the game (how many screens approximately)?

For those whose native language is not English, how difficult is the vocabulary? What grade level?

Does the game use words that are considered slangs, colloquialisms, or vernacular speech such that non-native English speakers will have a problem?

Does the game use wordplays in some of the solutions (that are not true words but are deliberate masquerades of true words)?
Not sure how long the game is. I am still playing it but I only got it yesterday. I am loving it so far but it can be challenging. I am on a page with 7 blank words in a row and no idea where to start but that's part of the fun I do think you would need to be very fluent in the English language to get the most out of the game. I have come across slang words, deliberate misspellings, old sayings and Shakespearean quotes so far. There are walkthroughs but i think they would spoil the fun.

For a game without flashy graphics or sound it creates a wonderful atmosphere and an intriguing story. Well DOEn to teh DevoLopeRs of this FIEn game.
09-05-2013, 09:43 AM
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I just finished the game as well.

For the price, this is indeed a much shorter game than I expected.

The developer Neven Mrgan needs to be congratulated on creating a game with such an inventive mechanic. The ability to come up with enough context so that the censored words can be deduced correctly is no easy task. This is particularly true for some of the page puzzles in which most or all of the words are censored. Some of the clues are VERY OBTUSE, perhaps a bit unfair, but they all make sense in hindsight (emphasize *hindsight*).

To this end, however, I will also warn others that this is not a game for everyone. For those of us who are NOT native English speakers, this game can be extremely difficult to solve without help. There are more than a few instances of vernacular speech being used. In addition, some knowledge of proverbs and classic literature are also required. The "true" ending is kinda abrupt and, in my opinion, does not explicitly resolve the story and the identity of the antagonist, though you have a fairly good idea of it.

Still, this is a game that should be experienced. I managed to resist all attempts to cheat to look up the solution, but was only able to beat the game because I had accidentally hit upon a solution to a word that I was stuck on for hours.

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