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08-01-2014, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by TheMerc View Post
You can see the bugs I described in the screenshots below.

The first one shows that, despite my having more than 150 stars, I can't progress past that checkmark.

The second one shows a bug relating to Daily Objectives. As you can see, I've played through all of them last week; yesterday, however, the Bonus Level wasn't playable, which led me to losing that opportunity and, apparently, will now keep me from playing further Daily Challenges.

The third, fourth and fifth screenshots relate to the A.R.E.N.A. bugs I talked about before. Despite the fact that I'm part of a Squad I created and that my core agents are above levels 19 and 16, whenever I try to play a battle, those are the stats I get and, obviously, when fighting against level 30 agents (which are the ones that I keep getting), I invariably lose.

The sixth one deals with achievements. According to the game's menu, I've only unlocked 8 achievements. However, though I didn't take pictures of every one I've got, as you can see in that picture, I have 6 alone in the first 3 slots, so you can easily deduce that I've unlocked many more below. That bug is not only preventing me from seeing how many achievements I actually have, it's keeping Game Center from upgrading as well.
Here's a quick update on these bugs I reported on April 8th: NONE OF THEM WERE FIXED! As a customer who paid full price for this game on release day (despite the online-only requirement, which I still oppose to this day, as my experience clearly illustrates that such a requirement does nothing to speed up bug-fixing) I'm extremely frustrated by this!

I don't mean to throw Ryan under the bus here: we actually discussed these issues via PM and he was always upfront, extremely professional (I have no doubt that, like he said, he forwarded my issues to the development team) and helpful (even went to the trouble of answering a message I sent him around the time of E3, a very busy time of the year for him, I expect). So make no mistake, I have nothing but good things to say about Ryan (I can't say the same about whomever runs this game's Facebook page, though, as last month I sent a message there reporting these issues and have yet to receive a reply there...).

I am, however, super annoyed by the fact that almost five months have elapsed and none of the legitimate issues I reported have been adressed yet! The game hasn't been released long enough to merit abandoning support, and leaving a customer hanging out to dry doesn't sound like very effective technical support...
08-01-2014, 11:48 AM
Guys, it's Gameloft after all...