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08-22-2014, 12:44 AM
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Took me ages. Doing the 'impossible' was bloody scary, nearly lost everything
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08-26-2014, 05:04 PM
Game Impressions

I've been actually working on what the story line could be. I've just gotten, A Dark Room last Saturday. I quickly played through the game and made it out of the place on the ship and got the secrets. I beat the game that same weekend on Sunday. I then found out there was another game by the same person, and then downloaded The Ensign.

I played that for a while and had just beaten the game. the point is not to get past the asteroids, the point is to crash there at the end, which would then start the story of A Dark Room. And I believe that the builder that was in A Dark Room is still in the Prequel. I don't know much of it. But I've been coming up with the idea that the defector next to the ship in The Ensign, could be the builder in A Dark Room. In A Dark Room there was a point at which the builder passed out or something? and then it said that the locket lit up and the builder was ok again? Well the defectant or whatever its called next to the ship was wearing a locket as well. I think maybe that defector had healed and then managed to make its way over to the hut where A Dark Room begins.

I think the person has been doing a great job. I loved the games and within five days I beat both games. Tell me what your thoughts are on this game, or maybe what the story line is? i feel like the maker of these games may make more in the same story, and that those will start to tell about how that the defector is the builder as well. I had completed the impossible as well. and i thought that was scary too, had low health by the end of it. I would like to know more about this game, its very intriguing and i'm looking forward to more. Email me some of your ideas on this game. I really just want to know the story line.

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