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iPad: Road Warrior a Free Combat Racing Game Now for iPad!

12-08-2011, 11:51 AM
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Road Warrior a Free Combat Racing Game Now for iPad!

The world crumbled. The cities vanished. Only those brutal enough to turn cars into killing machines will survive. Road Warrior is set in this post-apocalyptic scenario in which drivers battle against each other for glory.

Road Warrior is a thrilling side-scrolling racing game that puts users in the shoes of a racing rookie. Players will roar engines, use guns, explode cars and perform air flips to get to the podium. Stunt performances grant drivers with speed boosts, essential to beat all opponents. Shooting and exploding enemy vehicles is a skill racers need to master. Make use of a wide range of unique vehicles, upgrades, parts and weapons!

Intensive Aerial Stunts: earn cash and speed boosts according to your stunts. The better your stunts get, the bigger is your advantage over other racers;
Guns: five different weapons are available to equip your car. They have unique behaviors, which should be used wisely;
Multi-paths levels: all 9 levels have multiple paths specifically designed to favor certain types of cars. Learn shortcuts and car attributes to take the maximum out of every vehicle.
Unique Vehicles: a selection of unique customizable cars is available. 8 are available for purchase and 3 special cars are given away as a reward for beating bosses;
Friends-Only and Global Leaderboards: exercise your bragging rights over your friends through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Highscores are registered and compared to a friend-specific leaderboard at the end of any level;
Amazing Graphics: stylized 2d automobiles and environments are appealing to both hardcore and casual gamers.
Special Races: you will be challenged to participate in races with specific requirements such as cars, guns, levels and difficulty.

PocketGamer: "Mobjoy flips the genre, adding tricks for its free 2D iPhone vehicle combat game Road Warrior".
GameZebo: "[Road Warrior] is a 2D, post-apocalyptic version of Mario Kart".
AppSpy: "Start collecting better vehicles and powerful weaponry, it's a blast to rip cars to shreds while earning piles of cash"
AppsMeNow: "[Road Warrior] is the latest and greatest from Mobjoy"




12-08-2011, 11:54 AM
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To iPad too?!?

Universal app... Nice, Im trying on my iPad now