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Pro Zombie Soccer, Soccer meets George A. Romero!

06-15-2010, 05:35 AM
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Pro Zombie Soccer, Soccer meets George A. Romero!

So what do you get when George A. Romero gets involved with soccer? In my head, it'll probably end up with something like Pro Zombie Soccer! This game follows Jax on a hilarious journey to save planet earth, complete with an EPIC ending! If your interested in zombies, soccer or both! Then this will definitely be your cup of tea!

Graphics 5/5

Cartoon graphics have always been a staple of the zombie genre in iPhone gaming. From Zombieville USA to the more recent ZombieShock. Developers Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team(yes that's their real name, epic isn't it?) took advantage of that. Everything from Jax and the zombies, to the story panels and environments have been beautifully drawn! PZS is as pretty as it is fun!

Gameplay 4.5/5

The game has very simple controls, so much so that only one thumb is needed majority of the time! Your simply tasked with scrolling up and down the far left of the screen in order to aim, then lift your finger. Alternatively you can charge the shot by holding then releasing. The only time you need more than one finger is in dark ares in order to move the flashlight around. And the only time you need the accelerometer is when using the skill "Angry Satellite". The controls work well, but I do wish you can adjust the sensitivity so that one doesn't have to scroll all the way to the top or bottom.

Story 4.5/5

The story is absolutely hilarious! The writers for this game's plot are absolute geniuses! Basically the story follows Jax, a soccer prodigy who wasn't accepted into his dream team because of a wild night out, and all the situations he gets into trying to save the world! It wouldn't do justice to the story if I told it. Cause honestly, you have to play the game to fully appreciate it, that and I'm a terrible storyteller. The story, as mentioned before is great! But is quite short. BUT! If the devs keep their promise and update this game regularly, then your in for a great ride for a long time to come.

Sound 5/5

To accompany the great graphics, is just as great sound! The soundtrack is relevant to the enviroment, the sounds are appropriate and all of it are executed well! The soundtrack, on more than one occasion, actually helped me focus alot more than I could with other games.

Replayability 3/5

There are only two gamemodes in the current version of the game. Story, with normal mode as the default and hardcore mode unlocked after beating normal. And Zombie Oddysey, which is like a survival mode which is unlocked after beating normal mode. There are also achievements provided by Crystal. But other than that, after you beat the game, it will most likely get boring. But this will be fixed once the devs start releasing updates as they promised. So replayabiltiy is fair.

Pricing 3/5

At it's current planned sale price of 99c(up until the FIFA World Cup 2010), this game is a total steal! It can't get any cheaper than that and still provide the devs with revenue! Its normal price is said to be $3.99. At that price it's still a purchase you won't regret, but it will be a short experience as it is now. But luckily in the future, like I've been saying, the devs will update this game to make it a worthy purchase at $3.99.

Overall 4/5

The game has great graphics, great sound, easy to learn controls, and a great story! What more can you ask for? At 99c(up until the FIFA World Cup of this year) this game is a thrilling experience that'll have you at the edge of your seat! Now all you have to do is decide.

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