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2. Well, can you play chess again after you played a game?
That is a mighty good point you make!! Haha
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I was sceptical in the begining because of the new supply rules but i have to say it makes a hell lot of fun (again).I love how dynamic the flow is.

The campaign seems much easier on CW side (two plays and both i totally destroyed the enemy),i currently can't see myself winning the campaign on the german side.But i remember that i thought the same when BotB or DoM came out.And in DoM i always capture moscow now,no matter which AI i fight with

I already found 2 bugs,one of them was even a gamebreaker.That was the first time ever in a CiC game.Has something to do with the"review"function vs.AI.I already sent ingame feedback and got a VERY quick reply.They are already aware of this bug.

And it drains the battery noticeably more than DoM or BotB but maybe it's because the battlefield is much brighter than before?

Last but not least,the scrolling/zooming is slightly less smooth than in the older CiC games and i have a Mini Retina,should be enough power i guess.
(love the new dust when units moving by the way )

One of the biggest german websites (more about console/PC gaming) awarded it as"game of the month".crossplatform!


They always loved the CiC games (88,90,91%)


1.You used two different colours for germany and italy,i would love to see more colours for the CW units as well.This would add a nice feel of how many different countries/ethnies fought this battle for the CW.Not talking about rainbow colours,just slightly different brown tones maybe?

2.CLOUD sync.Why did you never implemented it in your games?I mean,it's already there,no?I can play MP matches at home on my iPad and continue on my Phone...it's the perfect game for train rides etc.,so i would love to be able to do this with SP as well.

3.Pacific theatre for the next CiC game!!Maybe with one big battle (Iwojima?)or more smaller islands that you have to capture.Throw in some ships

Thanks for another brilliant game!

07-02-2014, 04:07 AM
Surprised this is universal, download size is small for the universal versions of their games.
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Hi all.
I have been following Shenandoah's work from day 1.... And I haven't purchased a single title yet.

I've tried the bulge demo. I liked the presentation, the UI, it clearly was a product of hard labor, of love for the wargaming construction craft. And when I played the demo a couple of times, it didn't seem to click. It felt more like a puzzle to me. If I moved unit X to spot A, then event Y occurred, which resulted in not reaching goal Z in time. So I started a new game where I avoided moving unit X to spot A. And indeed, moving it to B did the trick. I couldn't tell why. I never found the proper logic in that particular move.

Before you guys think that I'm an unexperienced strategy- or wargamer, let me just say that I found my love for strategy gaming since Battle Isle, the Perfect General (QQP), Panzer General, the Tiller Games,..., I recently bought Panzer Corps, which I dig a lot,...

Now, I want to give Desert Fox a try. I'm just concerned it won't 'click' either. The longevity also concerns me. Only three scenario's?

Can you guys convince me somehow that this is a superb game?

Thanks in advance, guys
This is a pretty insightful post as it helps me understand why I usually don't like hardcore wargames, or even some of the more detailed boardgames. The tutorials often tell me WHAT to do, but they never tell me WHY to do it.

For example: Welcome to Settlers of Catan tutorial. The AI has taken its turn and has chosen to build a road, but I'm not going to tell you WHY...

All I can say is it took some time with this series for me to understand the WHY (which is too bad) but I can tell you that it came with time. Sometimes these forums can be hostile toward opposing opinions, even those from posters who take the time to explain what's not working for them. I'd love to hear what Brad has to say in response to this.

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Nevermind, misread a post.

It's too late.
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Something is wrong with the Achievements it seems.There are some for Wilhelm von Thoma (where is he?) but none for Nehring.
07-13-2014, 02:44 AM
Thanks, Ubisububi.

Well, In the meantime I did buy Bulge and Road to Moscow on independence day.
The history backgrounds, provided by the designers, alone are worth the price.
These are beautiful games. And yet... I'm still waiting to get 'sucked in' by the game's logic, inner workings,...

Panzer corps could achieve this quite easily, as did most other strategy games I bought recently (even the Tiller ones :-) ).

It's probably something in my own inner workings that is missing ;-)

Well made point about Catan. I'm rarely concerned during tutorial presentations if there is a lack of additional explanation. Part of the fun is discovering the mechanics by myself. But I agree completely that some tutorials have the label 'DIY-kit' on the back which can be quite frustrating :-)

To get back on topic: I would love to see some well documented After Action Reports of missions in Shenandoah's games. Maybe that will help me explain the things that I currently seem to be missing...

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What's next in the criss in command?
The three games we have start with the axis going on the offensive so a game with the allies starting on the offensive would be nice
07-25-2014, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by Best75 View Post
What's next in the criss in command?
The three games we have start with the axis going on the offensive so a game with the allies starting on the offensive would be nice
Yeah, perhaps D-Day, establishing and defending beachheads in Normandy.
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unfortunately a new update for this game has broken it on iphone 6+. the screen is now way off center and small. had to go back and re-install the old version.

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