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iPhone: My Homeless Lover (game)

08-01-2014, 05:39 PM
At first I thought this game was garbage, but then your explanation of how it really makes people see is great. We really do stereotype homeless people. The only problem, this game isn't going to help for two major reasons.
Plot/Philosophy, and polish.

I say plot, in that there needs to be a way to show how really anyone can become homeless, and how it's such a problem. I also say philosophy, because it doesn't make you think, this game. I mean no offense, but this game feels like its something a seventh grader would play because its funny (I don't really know how to word it but it just has that pointlessness vibe to it).
Second off, even if it had a more apparent message, the game doesn't look too good. The mismatch between cartoon and real pictures really throws it off. Tha animations look a bit crude as well. Also, it's weird that a piece of trash gets rid of people. I'm sure it plays fine, but I wouldn't be one to download this game because it doesn't look finished.

I really think that of you add those to the game, it'll really be more powerful, unique, and fun.

EDIT: Now, that I think about it, I completely jumped to a conclusion that it doesn't have a philosophy/plot factor, I sholdve waited before saying that, but I will try the game out and see for myself.

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