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09-26-2013, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by New England Gamer View Post
It's too easy to accidentally hit the power ups. I just did and now I have a ribbon next to that level even if I solve it without the power up. There should be a confirmation or something to be sure you really want to use it - especially since the cat can fly behind them and the only way to extricate him (this is how I did it) resulted on using the power up.

Now I don't have any so should not be a problem but it is with that stupid ribbon. Unless that was something GOOD to have and now I have to get them on all of the levels.

The cracks for the costumes are a bear to find. They need to be a bit easier unless you really are doing that to encourage IAP - you aren't doing that ARE YOU??? Nah didn't think so - so make the cracks easier to find.

And finally, you do have to get all cupcakes in one go to have them register? They go away if you get them and leave the wrapper but they actually don't "count" unless you get all three? Why have them go away then? That makes it harder to get them. If you make them go away then they should be cumulative.
I find it strange too to see these empty cupcake wrappers for the ones you already scored. And you do need to get all cupcakes in one go to receive the three cupcake indication! I played to check that. So I'm not sure what the deal is. Now it just confuses and they are indeed hard to see. And there are already the dark monoliths that are hard to see, like the round one in level 7 for example, or the one in level 8, it doesn't stand out very well from the background.

I just finished the first world "The Living Room". Still too early to say something definite about the game. I realize I may not be the target audience (also seeing the bonus levels). I'm used to play challenging games that are similar like Hungry Turtle, Little Lost Chick, Monster Island and Cover Orange, and to be honest tor me the Living Room was a bit underwhelming, but it may get more interesting. I do like the fat cat though!

Then I noticed I have currently 4 worlds in my game:
- Dimension X = Bonus Levels
- The Living Room
- The Attic
- The Laboratory (still locked)
But I see these Leaderboards:
- Cookie Grubber (total number of muffins collected)
- Puss Pacer
- Living Room Pacer (overall time)
- Attic Pacer (overall time)
- The Lab Pacer (overall time)
- Outer Pacer (overall time)

The name "Puss Pacer" and "Outer Pacer" do not map with any of the worlds I see in the game. Also, these leaderboards show only one player "[JJF]", so this is a bit strange.

Cookie Grubber has the total number of muffins you collect but if you collect the same muffin more than once it is still counted so the more time you play the more muffins you automatically will get. Not a very interesting leaderboard. Note that you can improve your time even when not collecting all muffins!

I really like that you can see a nice overview of all your scores in the level overview menus, but I would like to see a level indication when playing a level or when receiving a score after finishing a level. Now when you go up to the overview menu you have no clue what level you were playing
09-28-2013, 11:30 AM
Ok, only after finishing the game with all possible 288 muffins collected, I appeared on all leaderboards.
This is the mapping:
Leaderboard        Cat on a Diet 
-----------------  ----------------------------------------------------
Cookie Grubber     total number of muffins collected (replays included)
Puss Pacer         Overall Time of all worlds summed together
Living Room Pacer  Overall Time of world The Living Room
Attic Pacer        Overall Time of world The Attic
The Lab Pacer      Overall Time of world The Laboratory
Outer Pacer        Overall Time of world Dimension X = Bonus Levels
Cookie Grubber goes beyond 288, because it counts even cookies from replaying levels, so it is a kind of "total wasted time" or "obsession" or "like the cat!" indicator, take your pick

Using Overall Time for leaderboards has the disadvantage that you only appear on them once completed a world. So it will take a good amount of time to appear on the bonus level leaderboard because you only *can* complete its last level after having collected three muffins in all levels, including all the previous bonus levels.

And this "inverse" Puss Pacer Overall Time leaderboard has the disadvantage that you cannot add a new world now. Players who play the new world will add time and so lose from "players" who do not play the new world LOL Well, the game could default all new levels to say 60 seconds, but there is no "new worlds coming soon!" in the game anyway

09-29-2013, 03:11 PM
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This game is no slice it
10-09-2013, 02:50 PM
Funny, I just noticed that the game center leaderboard "Puss Pacer" was renamed to "Original Pacer (3 worlds)" probably to make it clearer that it is a game total. Apparently this can be done on the GC servers without changing the game itself. Well, what is funny is that it actually is the Overall Time of all four worlds summed together

So why not rename the "Outer Pacer" leaderboard to "Dimension X Pacer" to make that clear? And while we are at it, make "Original Pacer (4(!) worlds)" the first leaderboard. Currently the "Cookie Grubber" leaderboard is the main game leaderboard = total number of muffins ever collected (replays included), which IMHO is not a real game leaderboard but more like an interesting game statistic.

Finally, in a game update, move the Dimension X world to be the last world. Now it is the first world, but it makes more sense to have it at the end. After all, it is a bonus world where more and more levels get unlocked when progressing the game. Today in the game we have four worlds in this order: Dimension X, The Living Room, The Attic, The Laboratory.
At least the world leaderboards order is right already Living Room Pacer, Attic Pacer, The Lab Pacer, Outer Pacer

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10-09-2013, 03:15 PM
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God i got to love Chillingo, they always made awesome games. Now is only a matter of time until this is free.

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10-09-2013, 09:01 PM
Originally Posted by ValtermcPires View Post
God i got to love Chillingo, they always made awesome games. Now is only a matter of time until this is free.
These days I'm a consumer who votes with his money. If I like something, I buy it in the hope to stimulate that good games, the ones that *I* think are good, continue to be made.
11-07-2013, 02:08 PM
Yeah, the update brings more content! A new world "Castle Pacer" and also 8 more bonus levels. The world "Dimension X - Bonus Levels" now has 32 levels in total (was 24).

And just for the good of the community, this is how the CoaD Leaderboards work after the update:

Leaderboard                Cat on a Diet game
-------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------
Cookie Grubber             total number of muffins collected (replays included)
Original Pacer (3 Worlds)  Living Room + Attic + Lab + first 24 levels of Dim X
Living Room Pacer          Overall Time of world: The Living Room
Attic Pacer                Overall Time of world: The Attic
The Lab Pacer              Overall Time of world: The Laboratory
Outer Pacer                Overall Time of world: Dimension X - Bonus Levels
Castle Pacer               Overall Time of world: The Castle
Leaderboard "Original Pacer (3 Worlds)" basically is left untouched, so it is still summing the 4 (yes, really) worlds like we had them *before* the update. I finished all the new levels and indeed my score on this leaderboard has not changed