App description: ** To improve performance close other apps before playing Beyond Fighting 2 **

Beyond Fighting 2 is finally here and it's better than ever! Packed with intense beat 'em up action and massive new features! It's just you and your opponent - until knock out! So get ready, FIGHT!

Upgrade your fighter's skills: improve speed, boost attacks and extend combos
Equip weapons to improve strength and attack range
Fight with bare fists or choose between two unique melee weapons per fighter

Fight through a variety of tournaments, including standard tournaments, weapon tournaments, survival tournaments and challenge tournaments
Beat a final boss at the end of each tournament series

Redesigned injuries system adds a lot more detail to the fighters' injuries
Dirt on the clothes, cuts and bruises on your fighter's skin
All in real-time

Built in patterns for smarter decision taking
AI for higher difficulty levels analyses attack moves to find best moment to counter attack

Support for game controllers built for iOS 7
Play on the big screen: connect your iPhone to your game controller and Apple TV and play Beyond Fighting 2 on any HD TV or projector

Whether you prefer premium games or free-to-play. We've got you covered! You choose: play Beyond Fighting 2 as free-to-play or upgrade to the Premium Version and unlock the full content right away. When upgraded to Premium, all remaining content can be unlocked during the game. Pay ONCE and get EVERYTHING!

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Not supported:
- iPhone 3GS and older
- iPod touch 3rd Gen and older
- iPad 1
01-10-2014, 02:47 AM
Well the animation might not be as good as hand drawn games but graphics look near infinity blade 1.
01-10-2014, 03:22 AM
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Jumps are so wild. lol

4 buttons are punch, kick, defense, and special. You can chain punch and kick up to 4 times in any order. You're pretty much open to hits while chaining but real combos are available by hitting power level 2. There's no crouching and like I said, jumping is crazy. Defense is actually dodge and makes you immune to attacks. Arrow directions do not modify punch or kick.

Each hit raises your power meter up to 3 levels. Tapping on the power button will use the highest number of bars you have. Each character has a single special move, usually a projectile. Specials cost 1 bar. Rage combos cost 2 bars and let you attack really fast for a set number of moves but you can still be hit and dodging will completely nullify this. Ultimates cost 3 bars but are really lame tap wars. A screen pops up and whoever taps more wins. Go ahead and use all 10 touch points!

Well, well. It's bugged on the iPad. I can't select a character for story and beyond modes.

There are game center leaderboards and achievements. It does look good but I can't really recommend it even at the $0.99 promo.

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01-10-2014, 08:40 AM
The screen shots alone made me think way!..

and watching the vid, gameplay just looks so stiff.

When are we going to get a proper fighter on iOS that rivals Street Fighter..

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01-10-2014, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by OutSpoken View Post
When are we going to get a proper fighter on iOS that rivals Street Fighter..
Kinetic Damage.

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