App description: A original Puzzle Game with engaging and funny characters.
Hours of fun on your own or with up to three friends.

Do you know Suzan? Of course you do! Suzan is my father's son's sister's mother's mother!
Suzan is my grandma!!!

Train your logic by resolving more and more complicated enigmas about increasingly crazier families!

Unlock 3 different game modes which will allow you, depending on your mood, to play at your own pace or to take up real challenges!

Go through the family trees of 5 different families who are each other crazier than the last:
The Zombies Family.
The Viking Family.
The Alien family.
The Super family.
The Napoleon family.

They are waiting for you to finally know who is this famous Suzan!

Our commitments:
5 families or maybe more who knows?
3 different Solo modes.
Crazy designs not to mention the animations!
Cartoon style sound effects!
A tune that will stay in your head! This is a warning!
A multi-player mode!
An infinite number of questions!
Many hours of genealogical investigation to play on your own or with your family!
The promise of some good times of thinking all in good moods and hassles!
Sentences with no exclamation marks!

Apptoonomy's comments:
Hi guys!

Apptoonomy, in a few words, is a small french indie studio. We make iOS/Android games for everyone.

Our first title : Silly Family.
Just released on the App Store, it's a fun and challenging cerebral training game.

Trailer :

Teaser :

Website :

We will release the android version on Google Play and Amazon very soon.
A multiplayer mode is in the pipe and will be up very soon too.

Feel free to tell us what you think about Silly Family.
As you know, being noticed on the App Store is not exactly an easy task... so do not hesitate to talk about Silly Family if you like it!

Oh, and if you want to take a look, I may find one or two promo codes...

Thanks for your support!
05-19-2014, 10:49 PM
This game gives trivia and related games a unique spin. There's a lot of replay value and different scenarios to play through. I loved the attention to detail to the characters and the animations of the characters as you play was a nice touch. I've played through the story mode and opened up two more modes and I'm having fun with those. If you're looking for something different from your usual gaming habits and you like trivia, this makes for nice change of pace.
05-20-2014, 01:03 AM
Thank you so much for this great comment Stormyspop!
Did you try to push the "Silly Family" button, in the middle of the welcome screen?

Oh and btw, we keep working to make Silly Family even better. A major update is coming in the next few days (May 26) : The multiplayer mode! (Up to 4 on the same device)

Our website : [URL=""][/URL]
We are on [URL=""]facebook[/URL]/[URL=""]twitter[/URL]/[URL=""]youtube[/URL]

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