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Monster Legacy

02-06-2014, 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by ste86uk View Post
For clickable loot I just mean more of it in general some areas have a fair amount and some seem barren, more types would be nice of course but I'd be happy with just more : )
We have more variety on the other regions (Beach / Volcano), but i'll chat to the guys about adding more in

Originally Posted by ste86uk View Post
Using energy to craft items sounds great I like crafting systems and at the minute I've gotten pretty angry with the game and I don't like playing games that make me frustrated. Mainly it was even in purple chests my rewards were tiny compared to all the costs so I'm glad you've tried to address this but mainly it was for capturing even if I had a monster at say 1-5 health all trap had terrible chances and I believe I spent about 4000 coins capturing one monster using the 500 coin trap.
Yeah, we all agree, the game (your version) was far too harsh and punishing. We didn't mean to make the Demon Souls version

Originally Posted by ste86uk View Post
I'll have to see how the changes affect things for crafting and coins along with monster healing, if you have an updated version out already I'm on testflight. Do all dungeons/temples cost gems?
We don't have any provisioning profiles left at the moment i'm afraid, but we're working on another promo code build.

Temples cost a ONE OFF payment of Gems in the next build but are 100% optional!

Dungeons cost Orbs, which cost coins, can be crafted on the ranch or found in levels.

Originally Posted by ste86uk View Post
Struggling to decide which monsters to use too is 3 remaining the set amount? Also just wondered if the energy cost for changing monsters in my team will remain or is gone also?
Three is the remaining amount for your Party.
Changing monsters will cost during exploration but is FREE on the Ranch in the next build.

Thanks for the on-going communication and feedback Ste, I hope you can see the Gem in Monster Legacy and the changes i'm discussing will bring it out for you!
02-20-2014, 10:08 AM
Hi everyone!

We're working on the next version of Monster Legacy now, I hope to have some promo codes shortly for those interested!

As a quick update, you can see our new characters below, we think they're a marked improvement over our past, almost punchable, character

02-27-2014, 03:55 AM
Hi all!

Just a quick email to make you aware of our latest 'Meet the Monsters' teaser video, I hope you enjoy


As always, head over to the Monster Legacy Facebook Page for more information!