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03-12-2018, 04:55 AM
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Question about multiplayer

Me and my Brother used to play the original before and we used to have to connect via Bluetooth, which provided us the ability to fish against each other at different times and locations. this seems to not be in this current version, maybe it's me not being 2018 enough but i can't seem to find it, I also cannot seem to get the local Vs through wifi to work? The game mode we specifically want to create and host is the mode which requires you to catch the biggest fish within a certain time limit (settled many brotherly debates) I also see on your website you say something about an Apple TV can act as a host for multiplayer, but it doesn't state it's a requirement to play multiplayer, now I have no intentions of ever buying an Apple TV, and to even consider purchasing one to solely play this game with my little brother is something that I shouldn't be contemplating, but if this is the case, which I truly hope it isn't,,,,whats the oldest generation of Apple TV I require to play multiplayer? Meaning I want to spend bare minimum as my internet speeds in my area are abysmal, so we can't stream and we get something my nephew doesn't even know exists called "buffering"

Apologies about terrible grammar punctuation and solid eye hurting sized paragraphs but I would appreciate any time anybody takes out to respond and shine some light on this for me thankyou

AMAZING GAME! Thank you guys for taking the time out to do what you have done Thankyou!!
03-12-2018, 05:22 AM
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An AppleTV isn’t required for multiplayer but can be used as a host the same as an iOS device (and multiple players can play on the AppleTV itself with MFi controllers).
Unfortunately the nature of the network code we’re using for Fish! Is that it’s WiFi based rather than direct peer to peer, so you’d both have to be on the same network to play. In theory it should be as simple as one player hosting a game and the other players waiting for the pop up in the main menu to ask if you want to join.

Another option is the new FishNet mode. We’ve just introduced it and will be tuning it but essentially either of you can create a new FishNet and give the code for the other to join. Any fish you catch then count towards best fish and best catch for that game as long as you’re online. (So it can be played away from a network as long as you have cellular data). At the moment the shortest game time is 1 day but I might add some shorter games in the next update.

If you can pm me I might be able to try and diagnose the issue you’re having specifically though.
03-13-2018, 04:20 AM
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Thankyou for responding :)

Thankyou very much for responding this is the first time I've ever made an account and posted on a forum, hopefully it speaks volumes for your game and the fact I was contemplating buying additional hardware to enjoy it even further.
I wasn't aware that a pop up happens when someone has started to host a network game, one of us and a times both of us had hit the button to host a network game but nothing was happening even after waiting a few minutes, no pop ups or other notifications, do I need to enable anything specific to allow the invite to come through?
Also thankyou again for letting me know that the Apple TV isn't required and I think it's a cool added feature, we are using the fishnet at the moment that seems to be working just fine and a good feature to allow a feel of connected play and competition throughout the campaign without having to play at the exact same time, We are at separate locations for another week but once we are under the same wifi roof we shall re-attempt the multiplayer and now we know just to have one host and the other just wait we shall see what happens and I will let you know

i wasn't aware it was this simple and for that I apologise, if this does work then In my opinion your multiplayer should be brilliant, as for the idea of shorter game modes through fishnet I also think would be a pretty genius idea at making the fishnet feel a little more Like a one on one battle and I'm sure it is all depending on numbers which I hope grow for you and your team 👊😎 awesome job guys, 5star rating inbound on AppStore if this works
03-13-2018, 06:40 AM
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Yup. As long as you're both on the same wifi network (and there's nothing on that network blocking all the ports or something), one player just has to go to the network game page and host a new game and then the other players will see an alert when they launch Fish! asking if they want to join.

Being network code though, it's never 100% reliable. Worst case scenario, restart the app on all devices and it should clear itself up.