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[Devlog] Rotten Escape, a fast-paced endless jumper

03-12-2018, 06:56 AM
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[Devlog] Rotten Escape, a fast-paced endless jumper

Hi TouchArcade!

I’m @thiroay, game designer and director for Idiocracy, Inc. English is not my first language, so please forgive me for my simple vocabulary and sometimes incorrect grammar.

After working on 3 different board-games aimed for the mobile platform - Pirates War, Jumanji: The Mobile Game and Dice Brawl – I’ve just started work on new, different projects for mobile and for PC. One of which I’m lead producer and director. This is the game I’ll be talking about in my next few devlogs.

The game in question is an endless runner (or more like "endless jumping") called Rotten Escape. Here, a few friendly market products, that are past their due date, are thrown away and now must escape death by jumping endlessly to the skies above.

CORE-TEAM: 4 people (2 Game Designers, 1 Artist, 1 Developer)
GAME-PLAY: Simple but gradually challenging one button gameplay
RELEASE and PLATFORMS: iOS and Android, this summer

We want the game to be and look simple for anyone to start but also to get much more challenging as players advance through the different stages provided.

Following the “simple” yet “challenging” we've worked on a few Art concepts. We started with a cuter look for the characters and backgrounds, but since they are supposed to be rotten, our artist tried his hand at a rottener and more “caricaturesque” art style. I personally like the second style better for the concept of the game.

The main character, Little Tom.

Little Tom, Fry and a background

For those who like the art and are curious to see more by the artist working on this project visit his Tumblr and leave a nice comment

Next, a gif that shows the main route we’re taking, game-play wise. It is a simple “one touch” game-play style where you must jump on the platforms to get (endlessly) higher. You’ll pass a bunch of different stages, each more challenging than the last. You may think of it as Doodle Jump with a touch of Rhythm to it. Here, you control your character by touching the direction you want them to jump (No gyro).

This is a very rough first game-play video. The camera moves from top to bottom automatically, like a rhythm game, but it follows the player if the player is faster than the camera. It is also supposed to get faster as you go up, and actual stage design hans't been implemented yet.

Honestly....I'm still unsure if we're going to move forward with this. I'll gather some more feedback but I think that with more polish and an intuitive UI it could work. We'll see.

I'll be updating this Devlog with all new stuff every week or two and look forward to hearing feedback and ideas from the TouchArcade community.


Dev Log - Update 1

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Yesterday, 11:15 AM
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Update #1

During the past week we decided to embrace the more rotten look for our little edible friends. I'll be sharing the concept for each character and stages of the game in a separate reply later.

Today I want to show an update on the game-play. We have worked on implementing some assets into the game and adding a couple additional types of tiles. The wooden tile breaks after a set amount of time has passed, and you'll meet your maker right away if you'd step on the one that's full of spikes.

In parallel to the work on the game-play, we created some of the main menus for the game. We're in the process of adding a scoring system, and with it leaderboards. There are also going to be missions and a market where players will be able to purchase new characters to play with.

Well. This is all we've done for this week. I look forward to sharing more about this project soon
Thank you for reading!
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Interesting take on the endless jumper genre - I'm digging the overall style and premise but one I thing I noticed is that the player doesn't look like he's jumping but instead is quickly gliding from platform to platform. What engine are you using and how are you achieving the jump mechanic?

If you're using Unity then maybe using DOTween's jump function in addition to some squash and stretch (maybe even some splat particles upon landing) will make the core mechanic feel fun and juicy (no pun intended!)