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Developers need to take the retro market and run with it.

05-27-2013, 09:16 AM
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So you prefer older games to newer ones yet you dislike virtual buttons and want swipes etc ?

I'm confused, i thought we were talking about retro games and getting the devs to 'run with it' ? Retro means proper retro, 80's/early 90's, you have controls , you dont have silly swipes etc.

I cant stand games with swipes, give me virtual controls anyday of the week. You may be '21' (you 'must' remember retro then , i'm older and i've been gaming on 8 bits, original Gameboy, NES, Genesis and others. Virtual buttons all the way for me

I love retro games as they prove its not about the graphics, its all about the gameplay, i dont care for photo like quality graphics or 3d this and that, often a game might have great graphics but it'll be about 1.4 gig on iOS and i'll get bored of it within hours.

A much smaller filesize, decent graphics but addictive gameplay is what keeps me coming back. Look how popular MAME is, those old arcade games, many have bad old graphics or sound but the gameplay is what keeps us coming back 25 years later etc.

Modern games dont suck, its like some kid saying all retro games are rubbish despite only trying a few.

Virtual buttons 100% work, i've got 700 games on my device currently, completed lots of games previously which work so well with virtual buttons. SOME virtual buttons dont work and thats often because the dev has tried to be 'clever' and changed the control scheme slightly which backfires.

You admitted games like Mage Gauntlet and that work fine, again a dev doing it right. If Mage Gauntlet had crazy swipes or touch where you want to move it would have ruined that game.

You talk about 'back in the day' ? You're 21 ? When i talk about back in the day i'm talking 30 years ago in the 80's ! I'm glad more and more people realise smartphones arent just 'back in the day 15 minute games' as you put it, you can get very complex games now on iOS which work very well.

I would hate it if people/devs thought 'its a smartphone, lets do a 15 minute angry birds style game for a bus journey and use swipes'. Yuck.

iOS is so successful as it has the right blend, games with different control schemes, some like swipe, some dont, nice old retro games, some modern games, short puzzle games, huge long RPG's. I'm glad theres a mix and they dont try and merge them altogether.

When done right by a dev virtual buttons work perfectly (League of Evil, Mage Gauntlet as you say etc).
05-27-2013, 09:48 AM
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It really does not matter if the game is retro or flash 3d. What's important is whether the game is any good.

One of the best 16bit games was Yoshi's Island on the SNES (Nintendo System - for those that were not born) and if a game like that ever graced iOS it would be a hit.

In my opinion developers use Retro as an excuse to knock out a game in a few months. There's no fine tuning to the gameplay and such - usually the playability curve is crap, the levels feel disjointed - just basically rushed.

Now if you spend the development time on the above mentioned SNES game then that would of taken a year to make - probably longer knowing how much effort Nintendo put into making games - then you would get a better product.

And the same goes into 3d games on iOS. Most are pretty much rushed out to make a quick buck. So the argument that 3d is better does not ring true.

So what I am saying is if the game is good then word and mouth will spread the game around.

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