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Beat Hazard Ultra - Epic tracks

02-16-2012, 02:19 PM
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(this video may not be appropriate for kids)

Youtube link | Pop Up

Youtube link | Pop Up
02-16-2012, 03:03 PM
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Shostakovich + BHU= most intense 4mins of your life...

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02-16-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by mreford View Post
Don't get me wrong if he can get Pandora in there that would be legitimately awesome. I suppose web stations can have issues like you mentioned.

Hopefully he can get that in because that feature would skyrocket the popularity beyond any other music game right now.
Oh yeah! Especially the second part.

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02-17-2012, 02:17 AM
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I generally don't buy from iTunes (have a Rhapsody subscription) but broke down for this game. Yes, Skrillex is pretty insane.

More mainstream but also got Breathe Carolina's Blackout and it's pretty awesome with BHU too. Wish my Rhapsody sub would work with it.
02-17-2012, 06:49 AM
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Skrillex - First of the year

Don't laugh but... Michael Telo - Ai Se Eu Te Pego

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06-12-2014, 11:45 AM
I just played Necrofantasia from Touhou Project 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom. Not extremely hard, but I got 18.2 mil, suicidal, no gold ship, and not all of the score perks...
06-13-2014, 03:45 AM
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