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[BETA] Over Space - FREE Gem Package only for open beta testers

09-12-2017, 01:54 AM
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[BETA] Over Space - FREE Gem Package only for open beta testers

Download link:

= Open Beta Free Gem Package Limited-Time Offer =

Join Over Space Open Beta now and get a free Gem Package worth USD30! This Special Open Beta Gem Package gives you 300 gems every day for a total of 14 consecutive days. That's a total of 4,200 gems!

This offer is valid until 23:59 (GMT+8) 12 October 2017.

# # # Your game progress and real $ spent in Open Beta will remain when the game goes live, unless we suspect that we detected your game progress is suspicious.###

# # # Continue the journey of Galactic Phantasy Prelude yet with a whole new experience # # #

From the creators of the award winning Galactic Phantasy & Galactic Phantasy Prelude franchise, Over Space is a brand new massively multiplayer online space role playing & strategy game.

While serving as a continuation of the Galactic Phantasy Universe, Over Space has been completely designed from scratch and features a whole new story and gameplay system.

# # # Experience large-scale fleet-vs-fleet space battles featuring 100+ spacecrafts # # #

Gone are the days you live your life in the cockpit engaging in random dogfight combats. Now is the time to step up as Commander-in-Chief, look at the big picture, plan for your fleet formation and design your very own tactics to beat your enemies in enormous-scale space battles. In the world of Over Space it is not uncommon to get involved in massive space encounters featuring over 100 spaceships, something never before seen on any mobile games.

# # # Game Features # # #

- large-scale space battles featuring 100+ spaceships, such a scale is never before seen on mobile devices
- Create your own fleet formations & tactics
- Battle against fleets from real players online and offline
- Unlimited ship / crew combinations, endless tactical possibilities
- Ever-changing game world with dynamic planet environments
- Massively multiplayer online space strategy game
- Perfect mix of RPG + SLG on mobile
- Continue the journey of Galactic Phantasy Prelude
- Alliance gameplay coming soon


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