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Mazement - promo codes!

09-10-2013, 01:53 AM
Ok I think I'm done trying to get promo codes there all used... even though not all were mentioned as used.. god rude people just come sign in or sign up and use codes and cant even say anything about them being used... so other people come in seeing only 3-4 codes mentioned as used and get happy there's a few left floating around... then try each one and get a already been redeemed.. this makes me mad is it that hard to say you redeemed a code!! I find this part of the forum useless for me now, I come on and check every day on this forum and the main for new app stuff, news on IOS freebies and promos, I go on am and pm and I haven't got a code anywhere on this part of forum since the struggle I had to get a mono jumpo code was couple months back.... I try and then give up there needs to be some other way.. sure sign in to see a pic... that is so frustrating then you can't copy paste the code so it takes time and annoyance.. there's gotta be another way

Waiting for: Mewgenics
Beta Tested: GamePress, Rollabear, Can Knockdown Castaway Paradise, Tap to play, Cubics, Ice math ninja and partly tested toysburg though my Mini couldn't handle it
Beta testing at the moment : The Wild
09-10-2013, 05:29 AM
Fun and addicting. Cant stop playing it.