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Soccer Tactics is a tactics football manager with turn based matches. Create your own football club, make a champions team out of amateurs! Face your enemies in world wide PvP leagues!
Show your tactical skills controlling your footballers actions directly. Use the strengths of your team and reveal the weaknesses of your rivals. You can achieve success even with a newcomer team defeating your opponent tactically.
NO MORE endless tables with useless figures. NO MORE fruitless matches results. Youll see the difference between the players at first sight. Every action will bring an obvious result. This game allows you to manage the footballers, not the tables.
Improve you Manager's level to level up your footballers even faster!
Do you want to create a forwarder who can win the ball easily? Or a back who really can stage counter-attacks? Perhaps you need an attacking midfielder with a perfect technique? Use your tactics talent to build your each player in details.


- Turn based match managing;
- World wide PvP leagues;
- Improve your Manager level;
- Skills system allows to combine and to make up new tactics;
- Flexible power-leveling system allows to create unique footballers;
- Premium level animation;
05-19-2013, 06:31 AM
Originally Posted by StratAll View Post
In the Belgian store all screenshots are in Russian and the supported languages only mention Russian as well.
Can you set the language to English ingame or is the game playable without understanding the ingame text?
No way to set language, as far as I can tell. Mine was in English, and there was only one button to click once Football Tactics started up. From there, I got to pick my team's country, I think through flags. Once the game starts, it is also easy, but I think the only issue you would have is when you have to choose which tactic to use.

When I click on my footballer with the ball and then the target, a text label appears, which allows me to slide to select different actions like precision shot or power shot. You may or may not find that an issue if it is in a foreign language.

Anyway, Soccer Tactics is a free and quite a small download. Just try it and see how you like it...

I am not the developer.
05-20-2013, 09:38 AM
This is quite the little game. It's sucked me in quite well already. IAPs are ways to get ahead essentially, get more coins and fame rather than earning them. By no means are they needed.

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