App description: This eighth update arrived in January '14.


Thank you for purchasing C64: Elite Collection, for which we have ambitious goals, specifically:
to offer access - via mobile and wireless devices - to many of the thousands of fantastic C64 games created since 1982
to restore some order to the market for C64 games and to enable other developers and publishers to offer access to their games by licencing our technology for a modest one off fee.

The media and consumer reactions to the announcement, in late November 2012, of Apples approval of C64: Elite Collection have been extensive and enthusiastic. Our concerns now (as they were then) are to ensure that both groups understand that the App is a work-in-progress, a rough diamond if you like and that were committed to developing the App over the weeks, months and indeed years ahead.

This App contains ten C64 Games, specifically:
Pack #1 - included
- Alternate Reality: The City
- Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
- Archon
- Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior
- Black Magic
- Bruce Lee
- Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
- Infiltrator
- Monty On The Run
- Summer Games

It also contains an in-App shop, offering the next nine packs (Packs #2 & #9, #12 & #13 - each priced at 1.49/1.79/US$1.99 per pack - each pack containing three C64 games. Pack #10 & #11 - priced at priced at 0.00/0.00/US$0.00 - these packs contain one and three C64 games, respectively.)

Other included features (*: or features coming soon):
- iDaptive (i.e. user-definable, game-specific joystick, keypad & canvass) Controls. An instructional video about the iDaptive Controls can be found here: (Google: Tiny URL 22qh8hl)
- auto save, on exiting a game
- extensive playing instructions
- option of portrait or (full-screen) landscape play / display modes
- authentic C64 sound


What We Did Recently:
- see below.

What We Did Previously:
- reviewed our plans for updating the Apps. Settled upon: making one new pack, each pack containing three new C64 games, available to purchase from the in-App 'shop' every other month or so.
- reviewed our plans for raising awareness of the Apps. Settled upon: releasing a small number of C64 games every other month, more frequently if possible, as stand-alone Apps, (as well as making them available as in-App purchases).
- published in full at (and here) the list of games currently included, or currently included as in-App purchases, in C64: Elite Collection / HD for iPhone & iPod Touch / iPad:
"PACKS" - each Pack (other than Pack #1 & Pack #10) includes three C64 games
Pack #1 - included
- (as above)
Pack #2 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Ikari Warriors
- Raid Over Moscow
- Super Cycle
Pack #3 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Jumpman
- Leaderboard
- Pitstop II
Pack #4 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Cauldron
- Secret Armour of Antiriad
- Torture Trouble
Pack # 5 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Buggy Boy
- Paradroid
- Uridium
Pack # 6 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Denaris
- Enforcer
- Turrican
Pack # 7 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Archon II: Adept
- First Samurai
- Lords of Chaos
Pack # 8 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Aztec Challenge
- Blue Max
- Fort Apocalypse
Pack # 9 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Battleships
- Batty
- Frank Bruno's Boxing
Pack # 10 - in-App purchase SRP 0.00
- Ultima IV
Pack # 11 - in-App purchase SRP 0.00
- Ultima I
- Ultima II
- Ultima III
Pack # 12 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Championship Wrestling
- Gateway to Apshai
- Winter Games
Pack # 13 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
- Impossible Mission
- Temple of Apshai Trilogy
- Snow Strike
Pack # 14 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
-Summer Games II
-California Games
-Sporting News Baseball
Pack # 15 - in-App purchase SRP 1.49
-World Games
-The Games, Winter Edition
-Street Sports Baseball

What Were Doing Next:
- continuing to work toward the achievement of our ambitious goals.
07-20-2013, 05:43 AM
Pre-release Testers Required - R.P.G. (Universal iOS App)


Pre-release Testers Required - R.P.G. (Universal iOS App)

we're looking for about 20 knowledgeable, current or lapsed R.P.G. players, to "test and suggest" our upcoming iOS app.

The iOS app includes a well known 1980s R.P.G. game, in its near 100% original form and is scheduled for release in Aug '13.

Players with fond memories and a good knowledge of the genre and era are welcome to tell us about themselves their knowledge of 1980s R.P.Gs. by email to:

Since the iOS app has not yet been announced, all involved will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and retain all they learn about the iOS app, in confidence.

Feel free to re-post this message elsewhere and to spread the word about this opportunity.

Regards - Steve Wilcox, Elite
07-20-2013, 07:50 AM
Hope you get a good response, Steve. I'm curious as to what it is but happy to wait and see. Kokotoni Wilf and the Fall Guy would do me for now.

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