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06-27-2015, 11:56 AM
Strong allies wanted

Hi guys. First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your valuable info provided on this forum and on the wiki. I really enjoy this game, and the info has helped me greatly. Too bad there are no more updates. I'm at a point where I can get through the hard difficulty quests generally without problems, but get killed in heroic quests.

If anyone is willing to offer me strong allies, I would really appreciate it. I don't have much to offer since I just started, but a LV 58 King Thrushbeard or LV 50 Cinderella. Any friend assistance would be great. Thanks!

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06-29-2015, 03:06 PM
Well, for difficulty, you should try to potion up your heroes, especially the 5* and 6* ones -- like Thrushbeard. And also try to evolve them.

I suggested as a rule of thumb:
Average level of all heroes = 25-30 and limited potions will get you through most to all normal quests.
Average level of all heroes = 50-60 and moderate potions will get you through most to all hard quests.
Average level of all heroes around 75 and mostly potion'ed will get you through most to all heroic quests **

The hardest heroic and godly quests are the Monday/Tuesday elixir quests and the XP Tomes. I wouldn't attempt those (unless you have stamina or keys to burn) unless you are very close to or fully at maximum. For instance, my first successful run was with level 115 Midas, King of Gold and everyone else level 100 (Rose Red, Lady of the Flame) or Level 120 (Snow Queen, Regent of the Ice; Merlin, the All-Powerful Wizard; Goldilocks, Master of Bears and/or False Prince, the Mad Knight).

I think in general your progression should be:
1. Start game, do training (6 missions)
2. You'll have a free rare draw -- try to get a really good hero.
Jackpot = Fairy Godmother, Merlin, Snow Queen, Guinevere
Very Good = Rapunzel, Battle Queens (Cinderella, Ivy, Briar Rose), Brownweave Bear, Shadow Hound
Pretty Good = Rose Red, Aladdin, Frog Prince, Prince Charming, Jack, Lancelot, Red Riding Hood, Barbarian, Warlord, Paladin, Lord Robin Hood, Mighty Beast King, Queen Snow White.

My qualifications are: the higher their max level, the more useful in combinations -- the better the heroes.

3. Do easy quests and fables
4. Get potions, keys, etc.
5. When you can do hard difficulty and you have 4 heroes of a color, that's a good time to attempt the Elemental Elixir key quests -- those will give you resistance to a specific element.
6. You'll need slightly above hard difficulty including a link producer to attempt the Blocking Battle Forge Elixir key quest.
7. Keep grinding to get experience, potions, keys, etc. as well as get evolve materials. Defensive and Heroic elixirs result in higher elemental resistances.
8. When the weekly quests come up, stay at the most difficult that you can regularly do (so as not to waste stamina), although it looks like it's a 4 month cycle, so don't fret if you can't tackle the Heroic difficulties.
9. Getting a full complement of heroes -- especially 5* ones -- is necessary to advance through all the hard difficulty fables.
10. Start getting the 6 star heroes.

These two are "easiest" to get:
Thrushbeard, that you have -- just need people to take your referral code
Midas -- save 10 million coins

I think these are the next most difficult from least to most:
a. Dragon Prince - need poison, nature resistance
b. Phoenix Prince - need fire resistance
c. False Prince - need decent blocking, fire resistance
d. Goldilocks - need water resistance, healing, link restoration

11. White getting a good panel of 6 star and 5 star heroes, use fable stones to get key heroes as above.
12. Keep leveling / grinding.
13. Once you've maxed out, you can tackle the hardest 4 sets of quests.

a. Chromatic Elixir
b. Legionaire Elixir [sic = their spelling mistake, not mine]
c. Elixir of Wisdom
d. XP Tome

All heroics are slightly easier than the godly for each of the above sets. The first two have a final boss of a specific element, the last two have a final boss that is purple or Dark, and there's a bug where only Goldilocks' passive affects the damage.

[I did beat the Legionaire Elixir on godly difficulty this morning, as a refresher.]

My two favorite elixirs are Chromatic (resist all!) and Blocking.

If ever I get like all level 5 Actives where it's reasonable (i.e., not Level 5 Active for only Friday rare-draw heroes and King Midas) and everyone is at their maximum level, I might contact contact Blue Tea Games to see if they'll let me do some product management/programming for kicks.

Some other fables they haven't done:
Ali Baba
Morgan le Fay
Peter Piper
Baba Yaga
The Gnome King
Shahrazad / Sahrazad / Scheherazad and Shahryar
06-29-2015, 08:57 PM
Thanks for the tips! And thank you for those that added me! My biggest regret is not coming across this forum sooner. By the time I saw this forum, I was already 2 weeks into the game and too lazy to restart. If I had a do over, I would repeat the tutorial until I get a really good hero. Then save up all the fable stones to buy Geppetto and Rose Red, maybe even Repunzel but 40 stones seem too expensive.

What's up with the drop rate on Belle? Finished hard quests 8 times and nada.
07-02-2015, 02:25 PM
Oops, I didn't reply?

Belle's drop rate as with the others is about 25% on Heroic and 10% on Hard. Of course you could get lucky.

I think I usually sink in something like 800+ stamina over a week on these and I usually average getting around 8-10 drops in Heroic. I think it averages that I get my active up 2 levels.