App description: Smooth table hockey with a victorian twist!
As reviewed by MacWorld. Peak ranking: #6 USA, #3 Germany, #2 France, #1 Japan & Italy (games/family/free), #30 Top Free overall (Italy), #11 all Games/Free (Japan). #38th Free Game in USA! **Featured New & Noteworthy** 02/2010 Games section.

Video & reviews at
Twitter: @Steampunkhockey

Version 1.7 features:
Single and Two-Player modes
Up to FOUR discs at once
Retina Display support
Game Center support with Leaderboard and 39 Achievements
One-button *fast* start-to-play
Auto-save settings, level, score: play anytime!
Replay unlocked levels
Forty-eight levels premade
Endless random levels thereafter
Four selectable backgrounds
AI slow/medium/fast selector
Switchable soft/hard bounces
Particles on/off
Five obstacle types: accelerator, bead, barrier and gliding pylon, exploding "breakout" brick
Musical sounds
Obstacles on/off
Physics-based motion
Several paddle and disc sizes
OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements

Player reviews:
"Steampunk Hockey is undoubtedly one of the, if not the most gorgeous hockey game out on the iPhone and iPod Touch - combining Victorian sensibilities amid the trappings of a sophisticated mobile sports game." 5/5, AppSized review

"Air-hockey as Jules Verne would have imagined it!" 5/5

"Best "air hockey" app on the far." 5/5

"I really like the art style. And the sound effects are perfect too. And it's one of the best hockey apps out there." 5/5

"This is the best hockey game I've seen so far. Thank you for letting us have this wonderful game." 5/5

"Love the musical sounds" 5/5

"Beautiful. My favorite hockey game." 5/5

"I can now delete my other air hockey games I've downloaded. I'll never play them again. They weren't bad, and they were fun, but Steampunk Hockey is just a cut above the rest." 5/5

"Extremamente aditivo. Bons gráfico, gfx e muita rapidez de movimentos." 5/5

"Echt een aanrader en zeer verslavend" (Highly addictive, and very recommended) 5/5

"Très sympa. Bien plus originale que les autres de ce type graphiquement meilleur [...]" 4/5

"Wirklich ein sehr gelungenes Game mit super gestalteter Grafik und kurzweiligem Spielspaß. Läuft super gut und die steuerung ist präzise." 5/5

"Amazing!!! This should be the number one PAID app. The developer outdid him/her/themself with this one!!! THANK YOU" 5/5

"The best hockey game I've ever played on iPhone. Thanks every one straight from my heart who are behind the game." 5/5

"It is an absolute joy to play, the sound effects elevate this simple air hockey variation into something very tactile and special." 5/5

"This game is so much more fun than most regular air hockey games. The graphics are great, with a magical-like feel because of all the colored sparks, but what I love most are the sound effects. Every time the puck is hit you hear musical notes. Sweet!" 5/5


Hockey re-imagined with the finest of Victorian technologies!

No expense is spared to bring you the newest electric entertainments of our modern age.

Featuring meticulously hand-designed brass and crystal precision simulations, SteamPunk Hockey remakes an old tradition into a modern experience for young and old alike.

Control the virtual electric and magnetic properties of your paddle to score upon the opponent's goal with your choice of game disc.

A one and two-player experience for a moment's diversion from your worldly troubles.
12-23-2010, 06:01 PM
Morningdew Media blog on writing music for SteamPunk Hockey

Composer Mattias Holmgren of Morningdew Media writes about his inspiration writing music for SteamPunk Hockey:
Creative Sound Design, SteamPunk Hockey

IndieGogo Campaign for concept art: Cannon Berserker
Dev blog:
SteamPunk Hockey screens, video, reviews:
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03-04-2013, 12:03 PM
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On sale again. One of the best tabletop hockey games out there. Been pretty quiet for a while so hopefully a new generation of gamers can find out about this gem. Highly recommended. (nice dev too)

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03-07-2013, 05:14 AM
Thank you! iPad version charing quite by accident.

Thank you Cygnet, I appreciate your friendly support of my game.

I've started a revision from scratch for OpenGLES 2.0 devices, in between client work. It's still hanging on in the world charts.

SteamPunk Hockey HD is on a free promotion right now. I'd dropped the price to encourage a few more downloads, and the next day, it charted in 70 countries, and made the Top 10 in USA and Canada's Games/Family/Free/iPad charts. Wow!

Last year I developed Freq.Trigger for FREQ Entertainment and learned techniques for much better AI. At this moment I'm updating the iPad version with Retina graphics and will update the AI in the game.

Steampunk is so much fun to play with.

Thanks again Cygnet, for your awesome message and compliment, and support over this long term - very encouraging of you!

IndieGogo Campaign for concept art: Cannon Berserker
Dev blog:
SteamPunk Hockey screens, video, reviews:
Twitter: @XyrisKenn

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