App description: Cavemania is a match-3 game with strategy and dinosaurs!

From the developers of Age of Empires and Age of Mythology comes a new kind of match-3 game that combines turn-based combat and strategy with object-matching madness, providing prehistoric fun for casual and hardcore gamers alike!

Enjoy endlessly challenging and re-playable missions!
Compete with friends to see who will go down in prehistory via Facebook and Twitter!
Help the Chieftain reunite his scattered tribe while battling fearsome Stone Age foes.
Evolve your Tribe. Win levels to unlock a bevy of upgradable units and buildings. Explore multiple paths to victory depending on the units and buildings you choose to use.
BONK AND SMASH! Unleash your tribes powerful special abilities. Send a Sabertooth flying with the Warriors Bonk. Stun a snarling T-Rex with your Slinger. Use your Hunter to lure a hungry dinosaur into an ambush.
Choose from over 100 upgrades for your tribal followers.
Build your way to victory: Assemble a Granary or Quarry to gather resources faster, construct a Temple to charge-up your tribe members with super powers so many ways to win!

"Its simple enough for any casual player and deep enough for some hardcore gamers looking for a little more out of their secret love for Bejeweled. - Kotaku

"[L]et me tell you, this thing is more exciting than the discovery of fire a fantastically deep, and a fantastically fun take on the match-three adventure genre." - Gamezebo

"Its free, its fun and its got cavemen bonking dinosaurs on the head. Give it a download. What are you waiting for, another ice age? - Arcade Sushi

BXP_Thunder's comments:
Now available...

Cavemania is a free match-3 game with strategy… and dinosaurs!

Help the Chieftain reunite his scattered tribe while battling fearsome prehistoric foes. Win levels to unlock a bevy of upgradeable units and buildings.

Cavemania Facebook:
Cavemania Twitter: @cavemania

11-08-2013, 04:49 PM
A new Cavemania update has just been released adding in 15 new levels, Facebook Leaderboards and more. Here are the details:

Episode 7 now available!
Become a champion of the Caveman Games in 15 new levels.

Facebook Leaderboards!
See where you rank with your Facebook friends in the new Facebook leaderboard.

New sports gear!
Check out the new sporty hats and weapons available in Upgrades.

11-27-2013, 04:54 PM
Update 1.3.0 is now available on the App Store and Google Play

New Feature!
Keep your Tribe warm with new winter hats and get your Chieftain a sweet new weapon!

New Levels!
Episode 8 is now available. 15 new levels featuring the mysterious Mount Snow and fearsome snowball throwing Yeti!

12-13-2013, 03:12 PM
We're giving away six Cavemania prize packs to some lucky players over in this thread in the contests forum. There's gold and lots of in-game goodies up for grabs. Good luck to everyone that enters and happy holidays from the Cavemania Team.

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