Fish Coming—A Strategic Battle Game

06-30-2014, 04:52 AM
Fish Coming—A Strategic Battle Game

Hi guys!
My name is Lan, I’m from Shanghai Shinecone Info Technology Co. We are indie game developer who creates games for smart phones. Recently, our new game, FISH COMING, would be released at the end of July.

Fishing Coming is a strategic battle game set in a coastal town. Because of the terrible sea pollution, great quantities of fish varied into monster-fish and would attack the local residents’ fishponds. The player needs to manage the fishpond, breed the fish and lead them to defeat the enemies.

【Game play】
Each kind of aquatic creatures, no matter your fish-fighters or the enemies, has the unique ability to fight and awesome ultimate.

Funny tip: You can even capture the enemies with 3 kinds of fishing nets, then domesticate some of them into your own fish-fighters.

Meanwhile, It is very important to expand and strengthen your fish-fighters to keep the balance between death toll and fish-fighters’ amount.

Selling the fish when they over breed.

【Looking for publishing cooperation】
Actually, we are still watching and considering whether we should release it by other publishers or by our own. We have huge confidence in this game and hope you will love it too.
It supports IOS platform now and will be transferred to Android in the future. Please contact me if you have interest in publishing cooperation. I’ll send you more information, as well as the test ipa.
Official mail:
Linkedin: Lan Shih
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