02-25-2013, 01:22 PM
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I am disappointed to now find there was a kickstarter last month, now failed, for an expanded edition of Fall of Angels; also funding a port to PC and Xbox 360. It seems I missed my chance to design my own boss enemy (maybe I couldn't have contributed at that level but would have pitched in some). It's curious to me how amazing games like Fall of Angels get un-noticed. Regardless, Fall of Angels is a great game so here's to hoping we'll see more like it in the future. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...s/posts/383351

...The development of the expanded PC/Xbox version of Fall of Angels is expanding and growing not only the game world, but everything from gameplay mechanics to the character growth system. Improved graphics, new maps, new routes, new towns, new dialogue, new puzzles, new battle mechanics.

Fall of Angels has been created from scratch- original game engine, artwork, an entirely original story and an original world for it all to take place in. The amount of work that has- and continues- to go into Fall of Angels is massive. With your assistance we can continue to expand the scope of the game into the epic journey that it deserves to be.

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What a shame. I'm not a rich man but I've have gladly thrown a few quid in this direction if I had been aware.

This game is unique with its environmental puzzles thrown into an interesting narrative and turn-based RPG. A true underrated gem if ever there was one.