App description: *** A fascinating concept that, against all odds, makes a turn-based asynchronous sport work, and work well. PocketGamer ***

*** Overall, Flick Knights is a very intriguing game ***

*** a really neat looking turn-based strategy game ***

Multiplayer Turn-based Strategy game with a healthy dose of chaos.
Ever smashed a masked shark with a raccoon and his mallet? Destroyed a knight with a robot otter? Play Flick Knights to experience both and much more in this asynchronous multiplayer strategy game!
Trade turns with your foes as you flick your team across a battlefield that looks like 1-part football field and 1-part obstacle course.
Challenge your friends or face off against other Flick Knights Coaches!


FLICK your way across the field, smashing opponents, bouncing off obstacles and try to knock out the other teams bullseye button in their base.

Play with colorful, quirky characters including a mallet-wielding raccoon, masked wrestler shark, teenage ninja, refined orc and cyborg otter!

Challenge foes in asynchronous matches available across multiple platforms, including iPad and iPhone!

Unleash powerful special attacks to mix up your strategy and secure the win!

Buy new Weapons, Characters, Costumes and more in the games shop.

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