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04-23-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Matt White View Post
Me too! The only chest I can find is right in from of the grey looking monster. I don't know if I'm missing something or the level hasn't loaded properly. That monster is a bugger to kill too and I'd like to be able to get some chest rewards to go with it!

I've tried searching the web for other people discussing this game but the best place is Toucharcade .

I love this game and I've just got the best bow in the shop, well the most expensive anyway. It's pretty rubbish against purple orbs as the arrows move so slow.
Yeah, others here mentioned the last two bows being pretty worthless against any orb shooting enemies. The third to last bow seems to be a little better but even that one has some difficulties against some of the orb pushing bosses. Still, I've killed most of the bosses with it just fine and even managed to shoot the yellow mega shot orb thing that floats above the boss on each level. The trick is hanging low, weaving around objects to take out the purple orbs that chase you, and go wide right (or left) and then attack from the side. Sometimes if a bunch of orbs are about to hit as I'm getting ready to shoot, I'll just wait to shoot until the nearby sky is clear.

I think that one level (7 I think) just must not be complete. Maybe they'll update and fix it as well as the issue with it growing in size over time (sitting at 508MB at the moment for the entire install & data). Still for what it is, it's pretty enjoyable.

Another Q though on the treasure chests, on the level where you are in a cave and shooting through trees... has anyone found all the chests? I think last time I tried I managed to get around 10 or so of them and that was it. Unfortunately that level is so purple orb filled that exploring outside of the cave section is tough.