App description: Starborn Wanderers is Sci-fi action RPG saga. In the distant future, humanity has found a shelter on the planet Terra Nova in the remote sector of the Galaxy. But this planet was destroyed by a mystery spaceship that was named the Ravager. Some Wanderers managed to survive, they activated an ancient artifact and prevented the Ravager from destroying the whole human race. So part of the humanity escaped, and they made the Phoenix station their new home.
The player will take on the role of a young Wanderer, a person who is able to control the mysterious alpha energy; only a few people have this exceptional ability.
Uncover the mysteries of the unique Starborn Wanderers universe! Enjoy the flexible role-playing system and a lot of different spaceships you can customize according to your playing style. Wander the vast space it is yours to explore!
A real adventure starts now! You will fight cruel pirates, cooperate with the cold-blooded bounty hunters and eloquent merchants from distant planets, mine ore on asteroids side by side with harsh space miners, and much more.

Adventures await space heroes!

Key features:
- Spectacular and exciting space battles
- Space exploration - see dozens of distant planets and Galaxy sectors
- Several alien civilizations with whom you can become friends or foes
- Live dynamic world full of adventures
- Dozens of ships and hundreds of unique equipment options
- Unexpected story twists

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Artfoundry's comments:
I just started playing this the other day. It's actually pretty decent. The writing could be better - it reads like it was translated by someone who knows English well but not as a first language. It reminds me a lot of Warpgate. I think the main differences are that combat is turn based instead of realtime and the world maybe isn't as open - it seems much more story driven.

One thing - the game does a lot of handholding at the beginning - don't let that turn you off. Eventually, you gain full control and can pretty much go anywhere (though the quest system guides you very strongly on a certain path). I also keep having this feeling there will be an IAP paywall eventually, but so far so good.

11-15-2013, 01:23 AM
A nice game. Thanks pka4916 for your comment.

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