App description: **** Over 2.5 million games played and charted in over 125 countries ****

Use your reactions and timing to gain 1800.

A minimalist addictive puzzle game testing your reactions to stop the cursor dead centre. Any deviation will have you scoring less and have you coming back for "just one more go".

4 games modes and over 20 levels will have you hooked

What people are saying about 1800:

- "This one might be insanely minimal but it's absurdly addictive." Drippler - Featured in 70 best free iphone games on the planet

- "Test your reaction speed in this ingeniously designed game!" Best10apps - Editors Pick

- " ...1800 is a quick bit of fun when you feel like challenging your motor skills, and if you really click with it then chasing the elusive 3-stars for every level will keep you busy for a good long time." Toucharcade

- "This game is so simple, yet addictive in its own way ... It's like almost taunting you to do better."
- "... it does instill a "one more go" feeling. I've probably said "just one more try" at least 15 times today."
- "... there goes my Saturday. Fantastic stuff."

Shortlisted for Game of The Week on Touch Arcade

Please note 1800 only works on IOS6.0+ devices for v1.3+

Sanuku's comments:

12-08-2013, 01:39 PM

To confirm Solisqr will be out in 4 days time on the 12th December, so check out details
12-09-2013, 02:27 PM
3 days until update is launched

3 days until update is launched
12-12-2013, 03:55 AM
Big update

To celebrate the launch of Solisqr ( a big update has just been launched for 1800 which includes:

New game mode - survival
Button click improvements
UI enchancements

Please note 1800 only works on IOS6.0+ devices as of v1.3+

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