App description: Cally's parents have been kidnapped again!

Embarking on a universe-shattering quest, can you save your parents from the clutches of Dr. Herbert?
Brave the depths of the caves, and try to reach the hollow halls of Herbert's lair. Fight enemy hordes from quasi-evil to mega-evil. Finally, defeat Herbert for good!

Use 16 unique weapons against 20 enemy types and 6 diabolical bosses. Upgrade Cally's attributes and grow more powerful using new RPG mechanics.
Level up each weapon separately and watch them transform into massive instruments of destruction!
Venture through 104 tricky levels but don't forget to make sure you buy lots of upgrades for Cally from the store.

WARNING: This game is hard. Only the bravest players with extremely quick reflexes will be able to make it to the end and SAVE CALLY'S PARENTS!!

Recommended for iPhone 4s and newer
04-25-2015, 10:07 AM
Thanks for playing 1 and 2, we'll never get sick of seeing comments like that on the TA forums In case you missed it, Carter Dotson posted our video on the main site: which was totally awesome, thanks for posting it!
Regarding beta testing, we are having a relatively small test flight beta, starting on May 1st, we'd obviously appreciate the TA community's feedback, as this thread has helped us shape Cally's Caves 3 a lot. If you are interested in playing and willing to tell us what you liked/hated about it, and also be prepared for possible glitches or broken balancing over the course of May, PM me your email and I will add you to the list! Thanks again for the interest Lavendar

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