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Upcoming Platform Game: Suzy Cube

09-07-2015, 03:39 AM
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Looks fantastic!
09-07-2015, 09:13 PM
I'm posting here rather than the upcoming games at this point because I think it's too early for that. Keeping it amongst devs for now.

How is she going to pull off a ground pound? There are two power up hats in the game which give you a special thing you can do when you're airborne (since there's only a single button = jump). So the ground pound is one of the power up hats. While wearing the helmet, if you press jump again in the air, you do a ground pound.

09-08-2015, 10:33 AM
What's the other airborne action going to be? Double jump?

Originally Posted by Louard View Post
There are two power up hats in the game which give you a special thing you can do when you're airborne (since there's only a single button = jump). So the ground pound is one of the power up hats. While wearing the helmet, if you press jump again in the air, you do a ground pound.
09-08-2015, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by Stroffolino View Post
What's the other airborne action going to be? Double jump?
Why, of course!

Also, thank's for the kind words, everyone, it's quite motivating on buggy days ^_^
09-11-2015, 11:41 AM
Soooo... This week's update is kind of a bummer. I've spent most of the week working on the game's final boss/template for all boss fights and I'm considering scrapping my work... Ya... The rig needs to be redone to be easier to use, I'm not really in love with the boss' design.. I don't know. I'll mull it over this weekend and see what I decide to moving forward.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about my week.

I've also been plagued with the usual list of Unity upgrade bugs after installing 5.2. The worse two only seem to affect my target device (iPod Touch 5th Gen) causing my lightmaps to display without filtering (blocky... and no, it does NOT fit the style) and the other essentially cutting my carefully maintained 60fps in half!

So, in order not to leave you all on a sour note, I invite you to check out my latest "Lessons from Suzy" post about how I'm avoiding ambiguous jumps in the game:


09-18-2015, 10:23 AM
Suzy Cube Update: September 18, 2015

It's good news this week! I've redesigned the boss! Remodelled and rigged it too! I've made a good bit of progress on the animations as well, which has been fun! My education was in traditional animation, so it's always good to have the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and breath some life into a model.

Since this version of the boss has way less body segments than the old one (4 instead of 11) and that those body segments are simpler than the old ones (no spikes), I was able to put much more geometry in the head while still coming out of it using WAY less verts than the old model (624 compared to 2414!), yay!

I also decided to forego the blend shapes for this new version as well, getting better results by simply rigging the brow up to three bones, left, middle and right. Here's an animation of the boss getting bopped on the head! Remember, bosses must always be mad and/or incredulous when you score a hit on them!

Next week will be more animations as I'm only about half way through the list so far!

See you next week!
10-02-2015, 01:46 PM
Update for October 2, 2015

Sorry about skipping the update last week. I ended up spending most of it working on a wedding card for my cousin who's getting married this weekend.


More boss stuff! Got all the animations done (as far as I can tell) and started hooking things up in Unity. I've got the state machine all up and running and I got kind of carried away hooking up effects and screen shakes and stuff. Here's a before and after of the intro sequence:

So, as you can see, I have also been putting SOME work into setting up functionality such as for the intro sequence: locking out player control, switching camera view etc.

I've also written a simple little averaging script which makes a transform stay between two other transforms (with a weighting value). I'm using this as a target for the camera in order to frame both Suzy and the boss dynamically. You can see it in action during this bite attack:

So, even though Suzy isn't moving you can see the camera following the motion of the boss' head while also keeping Suzy in view.

The next couple weeks are likely going to be spent making the boss actually functional and interactive. Kind of important!

OH! I've also posted a new "Lessons from Suzy" blog post. This one is on level variety.

Until next time!
10-09-2015, 12:13 PM
Suzy Cube Update: October 9, 2015

And the boss is.. like 99% done. I just need to polish up some stuff like effects, audio and things.

I've spent the week adding functionality to the boss like making it so Suzy can damage it and it can die when it runs out of hit points. With that done, I moved on to building a big variety of actions the boss can perform, like spitting fireballs at you or causing things to happen, like lava columns to shoot up from below. You know, boss stuff! The idea is that each boss in the game will only perform a handful of these possible actions, with every encounter involving a different mix to keep things fresh.

The boss was interactive but totally passive all week. I could set off the attacks using debug buttons but it wasn't a real boss fight until this morning when I wrote up the system that drives the boss. It looks something like this:

If you want to know more about the inner workings of the boss, you can check out my full blog post about it here: http://louardongames.blogspot.com/20...re-9-2015.html

The system drives a number of different actions ranging from idling to a raging lava tsunami of doom!! You can check out some of this stuff in action below...

Next week's update probably won't be as exciting as I'll just be doing some polish stuff and taking some time to refactor some scripts that need refactoring.

See you then!

PS: Yes.. that last GIF shows the boss with a couple of band aids on his head. I added these this morning to make it obvious where he's vulnerable.
10-16-2015, 03:20 PM
Update for October 16, 2015

Slim update this week. I spent Monday playing Toto Temple Deluxe and Rayman Legends (both awesome, BTW) to recover from an exhausting long weekend visiting Angel Falls (also awesome, BTW!)

So I spend the rest of the week mostly tightening stuff. I fixed some bugs I was having in the level select screen when using a controller.. which looks like this for those interested..

I laid a bunch of ground work for flow through the game. I set up all the level buttons in the select screen (the coloured cubes) and created level stubs for every level I plan to have in the game. So.. I mean, technically, you can play through the whole game now, from start to finish... Only, like 98% of the levels are just a piece of flat grey ground with a goal object and three stars next to where you spawn.. Doing this actually let me sniff out a few bugs I wouldn't have other wise and all things in level select land are now nice and dandy.

Oh, and I finished up work on the boss fight functionality. Again just a few polish items and some bug fixing. Any remaining little issues I'll fix as I create the individual boss fights for realzers.

i also spend a day trying to update InControl to the latest version... No luck.. Man, it really does not like that my game is in Javascript (gasp! I know I know, spare me! The next one will be in C#, I swear!)

Ok, gonna go spend some time properly prioritizing my tasks for next week so I have something interesting for the next update!
10-23-2015, 02:52 PM
Suzy Cube Update: October 23, 2015

It's update time, oh yes it's update time!

Spent the week working on Level 2-3, a snow themed level, and a bunch of stuff relating to it. For instance, I wrote a script that allows me to create triggers that can temporarily change pretty much any setting related to how the character handles. This allowed me to create sliding slopes and icy slippery areas too!

I created these pick-up style rings which make coins appear. Getting all the blue coins before the timer runs out will earn you a star. You'll want to find stars because some levels will be locked unless you have a certain number of stars.

I also modelled and implemented these nifty archways which are really just invisible teleporters that make it seem like two parts of a level are physically linked when they are not. This should be really useful to have in my toolbox going forward.

Oh, and I started the week by modelling a number of snow themed props to get into the spirit of things. You can see a small sampling below...

Well, That's it for this week. I should have the first pass at this level done early next week, allowing me to move on to other stuff. Man... I can't wait to get to the point where I can make a new level without having to implement any new features... Alas, I'm not there yet! I must continue filling my toolbox!

See you next time!